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Year of birth : 1967

Age: 48 years

Citizenship : United States


For six years (from 1968 to 1975) was one of the most popular and influential rock bands, whose music has been considered as seriously as the creation of "Rolling stones" and "Beatles".

It all began in 1958 when rock - n-rollschik Arkansas Ronnie Hawkins began to gain Statement accompanying composition. One of his first companions became drummer Levon Helm (b. May 26, 1942) . "Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks" first went on tour across the United States, but then moved to Canada, where it was easier to earn money. Some time later, the Yankees began to leave the ranks of "The Hawks", and the vacated space occupied by Canadians.

Thus in the group were Robbie Robertson (guitar) , Richard Manuel (born April 3, 1944 ;. Keyboards and backing vocals) , Rick Danko (. P 9 December 1943 ; bass) and Garth Hudson (born August 2, 1937 ;. Keyboard) . Four years "Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks" gained fame, and the Hawkins has become something of a Canadian Elvis. Unfortunately, Ronnie was too self-absorbed man, and in 1963 the "Hawks" had gone from him. Reins took over the helm, and the team continued to exist as an independent unit. The BandV 1965 case brought musicians from Bob Dylan, and he offered them cooperation. First group was accompanied by Dylan in his round of 1966, and then Bob helped write the "The Band" their first album. Released in the summer of 1968, "Music From Big Pink" is an interesting mixture of folk, blues, gospel, rhythm and blues, and classic rock `n ` roll. The authors of all the songs were Robertson, Danko and Manuel, while the vocal duties divided between Robertson and Hudson. The album initially sold on the sly, but over time the association with Dylan did their job, and sales began to rise. In September 1969 they released their second LP, entitled simply "The band",the quality is not inferior to its predecessor. By the time the " gang " was to crawl out of the shade of the Mighty Bob and acquire real independence. Tom contributed to such things as "Up on Cripple Creek" and "The Night They Drove Ol` Dixie Down", thanks to which the team was invited to the Ed Sullivan Show.

The popularity of "The Band" has grown steadily ,but the attention of the public and the press focuses mostly on Robbie Robertson. This situation, escalating tensions on tour, could not fail to affect relations in the team. But the third work, "Stage Fright", still turned out well, and sales of the disc went successfully. Musicians bred excess moneythey preferred to spend on drugs. And if at first to go was only marijuana, then later appeared in the range of more serious things.

The BandPosle fourth album "The Band" have decided to take a break from studio work, limiting the release of live album "Rock of Ages". In 1973-m musicians instead of a full new album made a compilation of early numbers are executed in the days of "Hawks". The record turned out lackluster, and the accompanying tour was not followed. Performances were held until the following year, and the "Gang " again accompanied Dylan (and before that helped Bob musicians to record "Planet Waves").Only in 1975, "The Band" to rehabilitate himself with the release of "Northern Lights - Southern Cross", the album is enough quality.

Still, the matter inevitably moved to the collapse. In 1976 it held a farewell tour, and the album 1977 "Islands" became only the fulfillment of obligations to the label. 10 years after the dissolution of the group March 6, 1986 died Richard Manuel. It took another four years, and the sign "The Band" suddenly loomed on the horizon (though without Robertson) . In the next few years, the band pleased their fans with three more albums, but after the death of Rick Danko, died on 10 December 1999,its activity was discontinued.

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