Avraham Hirchson

Picture of Avraham Hirchson

Age: 74

Citizenship: Israel


Avraham Hirschson was born in 1941. It is a well known Israeli politician, lately his name is associated with the judicial scandals in the area of ??fraud and theft.

Abraham Hirchson became a prominent Israeli political figure since his election to the Knesset of the 10th convocation of the party "Likud". Half a year after staying in this position, he filed an application for dismissal in order to take a seat in the Israeli trade union Histadrut. Avraham Hirschson good strategist, he knows the weakness of the people around him, so he could easily manipulate them and always went "dry" of the complex political situations.

In the period from 2003 to 2005, he held the supreme post in the Finance Committee. And in early 2005, he took the place of Gideon Ezra, former Minister of Tourism. At the end of that year he became a member of the party "Kadima", he was one of its founders.

In early 2006, Avraham Hirschson was appointed to the post of Minister of Finance of Israel.

Person Hirshson involves a lot of major scandals in the area of ??financial manipulation and fraud. In 2006, he was accused of corruption, embezzlement of large sums of money from the state treasury and abuse of power. As the police minister has convicted of forgery of important documents for the period from 1999 to 2002.

In 2007 on this issue was launched an internal investigation, in which many facts pointing to the involvement of Abraham Hirshson the theft of funds from the accounts of the National Federation of Workers` Histadrut Oleum "and voluntary associations" Neely ". Suspicion fell precisely on this policy, because he was in charge of all the major money transfer in these organizations, and served as chairman.

Because of problems with the law and the charges Avraham Hirschson obotstavke wrote a letter to the post of minister.

In 2008, it was filed charges against Abraham Hirshson. One of the points which is the appropriation of a sum of money in the amount of NIS 2.5 million. He also was accused of forgery, corruption and bribery. Many publications put this policy in the light of the hollow cheater, do not shun any profit. Hirchson himself denies the charges, he believes in his innocence and justice in the Israeli court. A politician once even gave up his parliamentary immunity, in order not to complicate the work of the police.