Avraam Werner

Picture of Avraam Werner

Date of Birth: 09/25/1750

Age: 66

Place of birth: Vera

Citizenship: Germany


Ve`rner (by Werner) Abraham Gottlob (09/25/1750, Vera, near Gorlitz - 06.30.1817, Dresden) - German geologist and mineralogist. Since 1771. He studied natural sciences at the University of Leipzig. Since 1775. He taught at Freiberg Mining Academy. The classification of rocks and minerals, based on external features with respect to their chemical composition. The so-called "natural history" school in mineralogy, created by Werner, was dominant in all of Western Europe at that time and was characterized by numerous detailed studies of the physical properties and morphology of minerals. The results of these isssledovany and their focus is particularly evident in the classification established by Werner minerals. One of the disciples of AG Werner was Fr. Moos (1773-1839), who proposed a scale of hardness of minerals (Mohs scale). C one-sided criticism of the classification AG Werner made Academician VM Severgin, tried to apply first and foremost chemical principles and created the first major reports on the mineralogy of Russia.

Werner led and widespread at the end of the XVIII century. direction in geology - "neptunizma", according to which all rocks (including igneous) formed as precipitation from the aqueous medium. Werner was the creator of a major geological school.