Avraam Garkavi

Picture of Avraam Garkavi

Date of Birth: 10/17/1839

Age: 79

Place of birth: Novogrudok

Citizenship: Russia


In a number of papers he published the results of its study meeting Semitic manuscripts library and made (yet unpublished) complete description of them. He collected valuable material on the history of Jews in Poland and Lithuania, processed handwritten data about the Khazars ( "Tales of the Jewish writers of the Khazars" in 1874, and others) and illuminated with new points of view, the story karaimstva ( "Essays on the history of karaimstva", 1897 - 1902). Garkavi undertook the publication of a series of monuments of medieval Jewish literature, under the title: "Studien und Mitteilungen aus der St.-Petersburger Kaiserlichen Bibliothek", as well as two collections of historical and literary-historical material ( "Chadaschim gam I`schonim", 20th edition, 1886 - 1907; "M`asef n`dochim", 16th edition, 1878 - 80). Garkavi Proceedings relating to another historical geography of southern Russia, Jewish ethnography, paleography, epigraphy ( "Altjudische Denkmaler aus der Krim", 1876 and others) and philology. A complete list, embracing about 400 names placed in the jubilee collection published in commemoration of its 70th anniversary. Garkavi worked in 82-volume "Encyclopedic Dictionary" Brockhaus-Efron, was co-editor of "Jewish Encyclopedia".