Augustin Gamarra

Picture of Augustin Gamarra

Date of Birth: 08/27/1785

Age: 56

Citizenship: Peru


Augustine Gammara chose a military career, from his youth fought against the royalists of Peru, had fought in the War of Independence of Peru under the command of Andres de Santa Cruz. He participated in the Battle of Ayacucho, after the invasion of Bolivia in 1828 was awarded the title of Marshal.

After the defeat of Jose de la Mar in the war against the Great Colombia and after his overthrow did not long time president of Peru succeeding interim president Antonio Gutierrez de la Fuente. A peace treaty with the Great Colombia was signed as early as the reign of Gamarra.

Gamarra Government should have the opposite course supporters of constitutional reform limited the executive branch, he rejected the constitution in 1828.

Gamarra was often forced to leave the capital that would prevent and suppress the uprising in various parts of the country trying to maintain its territorial integrity and unity during such expeditions he left his deputy his predecessor Antonio Gutierrez de la Fuente.

The main idea of ??Gamarra at the time was the idea of ??the annexation of Bolivia, he shared this idea with Andres de Santa Cruz who was then president of Bolivia. But the idea Gamarra did not find much support since then Bolivia already felt like an independent state, despite the fact that the department has from Peru in 1824 by General Antonio Sucre.

In 1835, when Orbegoso was forced to sign an agreement with Andres de Santa Cruz on the establishment of Peru-boliviyskoykonfederatsii, Gamarra was categorically against it. Gamarra using Chile began an armed resistance that led to the battle of Yungay, where Santa Cruz was defeated.

During his second presidency of Gamarra he was forced to confront the various separatist movements in the country, revolts and subversive actions organized neighbors. In another war with Bolivia in the battle of Ingavi in ??1841 Gamarra was defeated and killed by the Bolivian army.