Augustin Blajenny

Picture of Augustin Blajenny

Date of birth: 13.11.0354

Age: 1661

Place of birth: Tagast | data_smerti | = 28.08.0430 year


Augustine (Aurelius) was born on November 13 354, in the African province Numidia, in Tagaste (now Souk-Ahras in Algeria). Initial education he owes his mother, Christian St. Monica, intelligent, noble and pious woman, whose influence on his son, however, offset by a pagan father (Roman citizen, smallholders).

In his youth, Augustine found no inclination towards traditional Greek, but was conquered Latin literature. After leaving school in Tagaste, he went to study at the nearest cultural center - Madaura. In the autumn of 370, thanks to the patronage of a friend who lived in Tagaste family - Romaniana, Augustine went on a three-year training rhetoric in Carthage. At age 17, while in Carthage, Augustine entered into a relationship with a young woman who became his mistress for 13 years and on which he had never married, since she belonged to a lower social class. It was during this period Augustine said his saying: "Good God, give me chastity and moderation ... But now, O God, not just yet!". In 372, Augustine was born in concubinage son Adeodat.

In the year 373, after reading