August Anschutz

Picture of August Anschutz

Date of Birth: 09/01/1826

Age: 48

Place of birth: Suhl

Citizenship: Germany


August Anshyuts born in Germany in Thuringia, in the city of Suhl January 9, 1826. His mother died in August shortly after birth, and a further six years later he died and his father malchika.Nachalnoe high-school education in Shulpforte, then law at the University of Bonn, and later he transferred the University of Berlin. At the end of the university course, Augustus learned Anshyuts undertook a trip to France with a view to do izucheniemyuridicheskih documents in the historical capital of the French departments of libraries, and in addition, to be able to (Sourcebook) study French jurisprudence, which is very fascinated by the young yurista.Letom 1851 Anshyuts appointment as assistant professor at the University of Bonn on the German and French law, and in 1855 he was appointed extraordinary professor of German law in Greifswald University, and later also as a full professor, he moved to Halle, where he held the chair: commercial law, German civil law, the history of German law and agricultural law, and also lectured on the practice of civil procedure at the University of Halle-Wittenberg. In addition, in August Anshyuts was also an employee of Fittiga, Renault and Vindsheyda publishing