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Cancer as a reason to change life goals

Once Audrey Allen to work it was one of the most important facets of life; everything changed when a woman has been diagnosed with cancer. Not immediately, but Allen was able to find a decent doctor ;now it is not so much thinking about work, but about the opportunity to spend time with their friends and family for as long as possible.

History Audrey Allen struggle with cancer began in November, 2004. The terrible diagnosis woman literally destroyed ; 48 -year-old American woman before and I had no ideawhat kind of danger may lurk in her own body and also considered herself perfectly healthy. However, Allen shock released fairly quickly - and the woman with the greatest possible energy took up the search for a possible treatment. Soon Audrey found a seemingly suitable surgeon, not far from his home in Savannah, Georgia (Savannah, Georgia);it was assumed that the surgeon can remove the tumor insidious. The operation was more or less successful ; the main difficulty, however, started later. Consultation with oncologist and radiologist left at Allen depressing ; doctors behaved quite detached and almost did not want to listen to your patient. Doctors allegedly motivated solely by a desire to cut, to irradiate and enter the dangerous and complex chemicals ; other less radical options they simply have not considered. Over time, Allen came to the sad conclusion - this kind of physicians normally work hard ; the woman was forced to take up the search for alternative solutions.

Fortunately,One solution is to find pretty quickly - Allen remembered once dated her in special journals articles about American Center for treatment of cancer (Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA), and on the television advertising of these centers across it. More than just a CTCA Audrey liked their approach to patients - doctors are obviously thinking not only about cancer and fight with him, but a man who suffers from this cancer. In the center of the CTCA Allen could count on a fairly wide range of services ; there were naturopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, psychologists ,specialists in acupuncture and even a fitness center. Of course, the standard oncological resources in the center and were presented in full. Contact a representative of the center, Audrey received a fairly detailed consultation ; she spoke about the centers and the services provided to them - in particular, for patients with her type of cancer. Among other things, the center said the representative as to whether the insurance Allen treatment CTCA; when he announced a positive response, it was decided definitively. Soon Audrey make an appointment in the CTCA hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tulsa, Oklahoma); already in the same week, she went to the hospital. The professionalism of the local doctors pleasantly surprised Audrey Allen from the start - not doctors forced her to undergo unnecessary examinations, failing to get the results of all tests carried out by previous doctors. These mammograms, x-rays and other similar tests conducted in Savannah ,We were at the disposal of the Centre`s staff - and they were able to study them before the first personal meeting with Allen.

In Oklahoma Audrey arrived with a friend ; We met them at the airport - center employee helped visitors take the luggage to get to the city and to get to the center itself. This kind of service received Allen and his subsequent visits to CTCA.Needless to say, this approach to patients has made a strong impression on Audrey. The next morning, after the arrival of Allen began working with doctors and analysts ; some tests done had here. Doctors of the center Audrey captivated his ability to listen ; a treatment plan is drawn up not only for medical reasons ,but taking into account the preferences of the patient itself - and its active participation in the process. From a medical point of view, all was well at the highest level ; doctors in no hurry to take the most simple solutions and carefully consider all possible options. Center doctors knew very well that each patient is unique Therefore theirhis - and only a thorough personal approach will allow them to achieve truly impressive success. In the case of Allen, for example, a role in the treatment of menopause played. At that time, a woman has not yet passed this stage of his life fully ; hormonal factors, however, play in the fight against cancer a major role - so that the process should be speeded up.There were Audrey and doctors radically - female spayed, then appointed a special course of radiation therapy and a special medical preparation. Like Allen and local radiologist ; he discussed with the patient the details of the procedure up to the last detail, offering all possible options and explaining the expected consequences. Besides,the team worked with Allen physicians included a nutritionist and naturopath. The first helped Audrey to make the most optimal situation for her diet ; so she explained that for fighting breast cancer of women is extremely important to eat vegetables from the cabbage family. Nutritionist been careful to ensure ,to her patient to eat correctly and was always full of strength and energy. Naturopath, in turn, has provided Allen series of special supplements and herbal infusions, which seriously facilitated women struggle with the side effects of treatments and greatly improved the quality of her life. Like other doctorsNaturopath carefully consider the needs of the most Allen ; among other things it is specifically included in the nominated her means and techniques that would solve her hormonal problems. Finally, Audrey said large role in her recovery played by local priests and psychologists ;Rev. Lang (Langham) and his team have provided women with the necessary spiritual support and psychologist Dr. Wakefield (Wakefield) Allen taught to cope with stress by using special breathing techniques.

Now Allen is trying as much as possible to give to his family. Audrey longer puts the center of his life work ;forgetting materialistic motives and impulses, it is completely focused on the needs and wishes of their loved ones. Parents, brothers, children and grandchildren - all of these people have become the new meaning of life Audrey Allen, almost completely replacing all its old aspirations.

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