Artur Benni

Picture of Artur Benni

Date of Birth: 11/27/1839

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Tomaszow Mazowiecki & # 774;

Citizenship: Russia


After graduating from the course Piotrkov gymnasium, Benny, who had relatives in England (his mother was an Englishwoman), I received in London a special technical education, naturalized and entered vulvichsky arsenal. Since childhood, Benny, who grew up in a cosmopolitan family, a good command of the languages ??Polish, English and Russian; idealistic upbringing dwelt therein, by nature impressionable and morally sensitive, predisposition to the perception of socialist ideas, and a boy, in spite of an open aversion to Russia surrounding his company, he was under the influence of love with some random he met ordinary Russian people became interested in Russian International Institute of collective responsibility, community and co-operative, the meaning of which is then exaggerated and minds more mature and stronger. Benny interested in Russia and fell in love with the Russian people, which wanted to see the next executor of socialist ideals. Russian sympathy drew him closer relations with Ogarev, Bakunin, Herzen, and in 1861, Benny had gone to Russia, which has brought a fresh transport "Bells" and a burning desire to serve the cause of Russian liberation. From the very beginning, Benny began to collect signatures for the Russian composed by him address the sovereign to grant a constitution. This venture proved hopeless, and Benny had thus faced with a number of alien and unsympathetic to him in spirit figures and insulted his austere moral rigor phenomena. He quickly gave up, not only in their ability agitators, but also in the hopes of success of socialism in Russia. However, he had to appear in the "thirty-two", which the Senate tried for illegal secret relations with London; for failure to report to the Government on a false passport on arrival in St. Petersburg the famous VI Benny Kelsieva be sentenced (1864) to three months` imprisonment and, as a foreign citizen, to life in exile from Russia. Despite this outcome, despite the fact that, under the court and waiting for the sentence, Benny, foreign citizenship rid of administrative, non-judicial effects, requested (unsuccessfully) on the adoption of his Russian citizenship, which puts it in the same unfavorable conditions, in what were his Russian comrades; Benny had the reputation, however, is a spy. This caused him unbearable mental suffering; Rehabilitation his, which took care of Leskov ( "Mystery Man") and Turgenev, Benny did not. Expelled from Russia, he settled in Switzerland and took up journalism; as a correspondent for the British newspaper, he accompanied the troops and Garibaldi was wounded in the Battle of Menton, died December 27, 1867 Benny was in the "Russian Speech" Eugene. Tour, "Epoch", "Library for Reading", "Russian Invalid", headed by the then Colonel Pisarevsky was liberal, "Northern Bee", "Book Vestnik"; Bulwer translated novel, "The Last Days of Pompeii." Leskov brought him under the name of Rainer in "Nowhere" novel. - Avg. SA Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists", III of, 1 - 5; "Sources of the dictionary of Russian writers", I, 212 - 213; M. Lemke, "Process of 32" - in "Essays liberation movement `60s" (St. Petersburg, 1908.). NL