Arthur Llewellyn Basham

Picture of Arthur Llewellyn Basham

Date of Birth: 05/24/1914

Age: 71

Place of birth: Vardo


Arthur Basham was born May 24, 1914 in Vardo, Essex, the son of Abraham Arthur Edward Basham Basham and Mary Jane (nee Thompson). Father Arthur Basham was a journalist who during the First World War he served in the Indian Army in Kasauli, near Shimla. As a child, Arthur`s father had told his son about India that awakened in him an interest in the study of this country. Arthur`s mother was also a journalist and writer. As a child, Arthur learned to play the piano and by the age of 16, wrote some music proizvedeniy.Beshem also developed a deep interest in religion, which began with Christianity, and then spread to Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. He received a bachelor`s degree in Sanskrit in the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and during the Second World War, he worked in the Department of Civil Protection.


After the war, Arthur Basham returned to the School of Oriental and African Studies, where, under the supervision of Professor LD Barnett prepared and in 1950 defended his doctoral thesis