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Art Alexakis - talented guitarist, singer and vocalist of the band Everclear. Arthur Paul Alexakis was born in 1962 in Los Angeles, California. He had a big family - three sisters and a brother. As a child he was a troubled kid. Father Art threw them to the mother. One mother could not feed a large family, and they were soon forced to move to a low-cost area of Los Angeles Mar Vista Gardens,where art and acquainted with their problems in the form of crime and heroin. Money for heroin was not, and had to get them, of course, illegally. Drugs are great spoiled life of a twelve-year boy - from heroin overdose death of his brother, and committed suicide of his 15 -year-old girlfriend. Shortly after their death, and he decided to Art to commit suicide, and typing in the pockets of more sand, got to the bridge. According Alexakis himself, he did not let die his late brother George, whom he saw.

The following 8 years of Art spent roaming around the country and living with different relatives in Texas, then in Oregon. Drugs, he never gave up, and ,in the end, he returned to Los Angeles to his mother.

There he enrolled in the journalism school and even worked for a time in a small a newspaper in Santa Monica as a music reviewer. Strike up a drug he decided once and for all after a cocaine overdose when he was literally dragged from the world.

The first experience in the music scene ,very bad, Art bought in Los Angeles. He organized a group of "Shakin` Brave". It was pretty rough rock that the audience in Los Angeles did not understand, and, somewhat disappointed, Alexakis moved to San Fratsisko. There he pznakomilsya with musical direction Cowpunk and organized another group - "Colorfinger". They even released an album ,but the band did not last long and soon broke up, and Art with his pregnant wife moved to Portland.

In Portland Alexakis he became the father of wonderful girls and advertises in the local newspaper about a set of the new group. Thus was born the "Everclear". The label released an album consisting mostly of converted material accumulated from the previous group.

In 1994, for "Everclear" comes a tipping point - the band signed a contract with the "Capitol Records". Soon she had a couple of hit albums and has become one of the best bands playing alternative rock. In writing texts for the songs Art inspired developments to him and others.

In the late `90s, in addition to the "Everclear",Alexakis doing some solo projects and collaborating with other artists. Known as his political and social activities. Alexakis gives concerts in aid of poor children and actively opposes drug

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