Aron Dolgopolskiy

Picture of Aron Dolgopolskiy

Date of Birth: 11/18/1930

Age: 86

Place of birth: Moscow


He graduated from the Spanish branch of the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages ??(1954), defending his thesis on Romance languages ??(1958). Researcher, Institute of Russian Language (1962-66), then the Institute of Linguistics (1966-1976), where he studied the Cushitic languages.

Since the beginning of the 1960s engaged in comparative studies, proving the hypothesis related to six major language families of Eurasia. Colleague VM Illich Svitych, after his early death was in preparation for printing in progress "Experience comparison Nostratic languages." Since 1976, in Israel, professor of Hebrew at Hayfskomuniversitete.

In 2008, after sorokapyatiletney work Dolgopolsky prepared for publication occupies about 3,000 pages obschenostraticheskogo Dictionary of language and text posted on the Internet. As pointed out by a reviewer A. Bomhard (author of another Nostratic dictionary, which was released in 2008, second edition), its shape is very difficult to understand even for a specialist because of the abundance of abbreviations. Of the 2805 articles Bomhard estimates nostratic Dolgopolsky reconstruction in 177 cases as "strong", in 1011 - as a possible 508 - as weak, 1337 - should be rejected.