Arnaud Michel D`abbadie

Picture of Arnaud Michel D`abbadie

Date of Birth: 07/24/1815

Age: 78

Place of birth: Dublin

Citizenship: France


Antoine Thompson and Arnaud Michel, a French emigrant sons, born in Dublin in 1811 and 1815. In 1818 his parents moved to France. Before starting the journey to Ethiopia in 1937 Arno d`Abbadi was in Algeria. In February 1938, the brothers arrived in Massawa. From 1838 to 1848 in Ethiopia Arno and his brother collected a lot of valuable information on geography and ethnography, which was published in the descriptions of his travels. In 1850, the brothers were awarded a large medal of the Paris Geographical obschestva.Arno d`Abbadi in 1853 undertook another trip to Ethiopia.