Arkadiy Gaydamak

Picture of Arkadiy Gaydamak

Date of Birth: 08/04/1952

Age: 64

Place of birth: Berdichev

Citizenship: Israel


Born in Moscow. In 1972 he immigrated to Israel.

For some time he lived in a kibbutz, then served in the Israeli Navy.

In 1973, when the service moved to France, where in 1976 created a translation agency, we serve mainly the Soviet mission. In 1982 also he created a subsidiary in Canada.

In the 1980s, he established a relationship with the Angolan government, which sold weapons to fight the rebels, despite the international embargo. After the collapse of the Soviet Union had invested in various projects in the post-Soviet territory.

In 2000 in France against him were charged with illegal arms sales to Angola, in connection with which Gaydamak fled to Israel, where he bought an apartment in Caesarea. Israel has refused to extradite Gaydamak France.

In Israel, Gaydamak skupat started many businesses and sports teams such as the Jerusalem football club "Beitar" and the basketball team "Hapoel Upper NJ Galileo." Gaydamak since 2006 belongs to the newspaper "Moscow News", which, however, Gaydamak temporarily closed on 1 January 2008, and the employees of the newspaper dismissed.

It does citizenship of France and Israel. In addition, thanks to the contribution to the economy of Angola and Canada [citation needed], a diplomatic passport holders of these countries. He was awarded several French honorary marks of distinction.

Currently participating in the internal politics of Israel, creating a movement of "Social justice