Arkadiy Bugaev-poniatowski

Picture of Arkadiy Bugaev-poniatowski

Date of Birth: 07/01/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Vitebsk

Citizenship: Poland


Born on July 1, 1939 in the city of Vitebsk. Father - Bugaev Lev (. 1915g.rozhd), he is a priest in the city of Yeisk. The mother - Weaver-Poniatowski Maria Ivanovna (1920g.rozhd.). Wife - Princess Elena Bugaev (1963g.rozhd.). Children: Arthur (died during the conflict on the Sino-Soviet border), Vladlen (died), Knyazhychi Michael, Leo and Princess Anastasia.

Arkady L. was born on the estate of a descendant of the heir to the Polish throne, which, after the reunification of the western regions of Belarus with the Soviet Union in 1939 was on the territory of the USSR. On his mother`s side he is descended from the Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski, the King of Poland, received the throne from the hands of Catherine II, which has been a favorite for several years. Paternal race Bugaev is a line from accepting Christianity, the descendant of Genghis Khan - Tai Bugay, which in reconciliation with Rusichi married sign on the Moscow princess.

The first years of life spent in the Vitebsk Arkady estate of his grandfather`s sister Anna Wolfe, whose husband was the manager of Riga`s banks. Shortly after the German occupation of Byelorussia big family Bugaev-Poniatowski was hijacked in the Nazi concentration camp "Dachau" using at work, in which Arkady had to stay with relatives for almost two years after the liberation of the concentration camps at the end of the war by American troops and repatriation Bugaeva-Poniatowski, were deported to Siberia, and several years living in the town of Yeniseisk Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Altai and in other cities of Siberia.

The hardships of childhood, tests and hardship that had to be postponed Arcadia, only strengthened his spirit, faith and love for life. After returning to Vitebsk, he worked as an electrician, then graduated from music school, he served in the military aviation. After the army entered the Novosibirsk Theater School. In 1974 he graduated from the Philological Faculty Biysk Pedagogical Institute, where he became a collector and museum director VM Shukshin. Then he graduated from the Far Eastern State University, the specialty of the journalist.

Since 1981 A.L.Bugaev-Poniatowski - deputy head of the Moscow Committee of writers. His poems published in poetry collections, and he has published "Children`s Bible verse" in 1998 - a book, which the publication was an event in the cultural and spiritual life of Russia. A.L.Bugaev-Poniatowski became a member of the Union of Writers of Russia.

Fully aware of its aristocratic origins, A.L.Bugaev Prince Poniatowski, is making efforts to revive the traditions of the nobility in Russia, carries out extensive work on the revival of the Slavic cultural and historical traditions, way of life, actively promoting the historical continuity of the Russian authorities. As a consistent supporter of the constitutional-monarchical form of government, in recent years it has established such organizations as the International Academy of Harmony (IAH), the International Monarchist Yard (MMD), religious-monarchic Council (PMC). As head of the MMD was working hard to restore and award titles of nobility of the new elite of the world. He initiated the revival and Grand Master of the Knights of the Order of Honour, which was first established by his great ancestor, headed by Russian Subprioratstvo Knightly Order of St. George.

In 1991, as co-chair of the Russian democratic Forum (RDF) A.L.Bugaev-Poniatowski was nominated for the post of President of Russian Federation.

Arkady L. supports and promotes international relations International Monarchist Court and supervised their orders` organizations, meets annually to the traditional forums, the descendants of the monarchical dynasties in England, Germany, Spain, Poland.

For his contribution to the revival of the Cossacks Serene knyazA.L.Bugaev-Poniatowski was elected deputy of the Supreme Ataman of the Russian Union of Cossack troops and special Cossack Ataman. He was awarded the rank of Colonel Cossack troops. In 1999 he was elected a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He is an advisor to the Association of Interpol to combat drug addiction and drug trafficking.

A.L.Bugaev-Poniatowski - the head of the International Monarchist Court, the head of the Life Guards at MMD, Knight of the Order of Saint Constantine the Great, Grand Master of the Knights of the Order of Honor, which the Knights have become several dozen Russian and foreign worthy citizens. In 1999, the Chapter of the Order of St. George, Baron Berthold von Bishopink awarded Highness Prince Poniatowski A.L.Bugaevu-Knight of the Royal Order of the Golden Lily award with the title of Baron von Bishopinka of Habsburg (Germany). In 2000 in Spain, he became Commander of the Order of Malta, was simultaneously awarded the title of Count de Bourbon, de Anjou, de Napolis.

Arkady L. - kind, cheerful, inquisitive, sincere Christian, that gives him the strength and creative energy in achieving to a monarchical and peacekeeping tasks.

Lives and works in Moscow.