Aristarkh Belopolsky

Picture of Aristarkh Belopolsky

Date of Birth: 07/13/1854

Age: 79

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


He studied the rotation of the sun, to hold certain origin of stars and planets. One of the first scientist to apply the photographic recording of spectra of celestial bodies using the special spectrograph.

In 1879 he got a job as an assistant at the Observatory of Moscow State University. In 1884, the scientist managed to photograph a lunar eclipse in 1887 - a solar eclipse. That`s when he got the pictures of the solar corona.

Since 1888 Belopol`skii worked in Pulkovo Observatory. Using special tools it determined the parallaxes of stars, I explored the Jupiter rotation. In 1890, a talented astronomer engaged in a program to measure the radial velocities of stars. In 1895, he was able to prove that the rings of Saturn are composed of small bodies.

He also studied comets (their spectra, physical structure and chemical composition). Belopolsky 12 works devoted to these studies, through which he made the conclusion about the relationship between the type of tailings and chemical structure of comets.

In 1900 Belopol`skii an experiment in which was tested in the laboratory of the Doppler effect - the displacement binding value of the spectral line at a speed of subject movement.

Professor Belopol`skii lectured on astrophysics at the University for Women (1908-1918). Subsequently, these lectures were issued in the form of "astrospectroscopy" textbook (1921). In 1903, the scientist was elected a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Throughout his life he participated in several expeditions.

In the years 1916-1919 Belopol`skii was the director of the Pulkovo Observatory, in 1933, became its honorary director.

Aristarchus Belopolski died at Pulkovo May 16, 1934.