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Winner of several awards ` Newbie goda`

Education he received from the University of Central Florida (University of Central Florida); diploma mechanical engineer, however, Almirola did not get - he gave up his studies for the races.

Born Arik Air Force Base Anglin in Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach, Florida).Education he received from the University of Central Florida (University of Central Florida); diploma mechanical engineer, however, Almirola did not get - he gave up his studies for the races.

For the first time as a rider Arik tried his hand at age 8 ; Then he rode on the cards. In 14 years Almirola began performing at the national level ;he even managed to win the pole position for the first race of the World Karting Association level (World Karting Association). Two years later, Almirola switched to race on modified cars ; he even managed to get a few bonuses ` Newbie goda`.

In 2002, Almirola moved to race NASCAR Sun Belt Weekly Racing;this time in the fight for the title of ` novice goda` he was in 4th place. In 2003 Arik won 5 pole positions ; in 2004 he became one of the first members of the new NASCAR program `Drive for Diversity`. In 2005, Almirola won 5 races and made his debut in the Truck Series competition.

In 2006-m Aric Almirola played for the team `Spears Motorsports` racing series Craftsman Truck, the project ` Joe Gibbs Racing`. Thrice Arica managed to enter the top ten riders competition ; his personal record was the 9th place as he found himself on the end of the season overall in the 18th. In the same season Arik spent 9 Busch Series races for the same `Gibbs`;here his best result was 11th place.

In 2007, Almirola moved to the Busch Series on a permanent basis ; He drove two `Chevy`. In Daytona racer won his second pole position of this level. Later in Milwaukee (Milwaukee) Arik again increased counter won the pole position ; originally anticipated ,that Almirolu replace Denny Hamlin (Denny Hamlin), but he did not come to the beginning of the race, and the wheel is still planted Arica. At the 59th stage of Hamlin nevertheless succeeded Almirolu ; with 3rd place Denny was able to get out on the 1st. Part of the glory went to Arica, and - in the end, it was he who started the race ; however,Almirola itself in the celebration of the victory was not involved - indeed, he soon parted with `Joe Gibbs Racing`.

New shelter Arik found himself in `Dale Earnhardt, Inc`. In 2007, he took part in 5 races, but above the 30 - th place has not risen. In 2008, his personal best was 8th place in race 2008 Food City 500 at Bristol.

In 2009-m Almirola spent 7 races, but especially outstanding results are not shown ; It did not help him and that he was deprived of sponsorship. By signing a new contract with `Key Motorsports` racer returned to the Truck Series; there it 7 times in a row come to finish in the top eight.

In 2010, he led Arik `Chevrolet Impala` in Phoenix Racing;to participate in the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race it was not possible in the year. In April his way with Phoenix Racing parted - the driver returned to the Truck Series. His first victory in etomsezone Almirola won in the Camping World Truck Series at the track at Dover (Dover International Speedway), the second - in Michigan (Michigan International Speedway).The new contract with `Hendrick Motorsports` made Almirolu reserve driver - Jimmie Johnson (Jimmie Johnson) was expecting the birth of her daughter and a couple of races might have missed. Services Arica, however, and did not need.

In 2011, he worked first with Almirola `JR Motorsports`, then - with ` Richard Petty Motorsports` in Sprint Cup. In 2012-m racer returned briefly in the Truck Series, finishing 5th in the race in Atlanta (Atlanta)

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