Arcadiy Volskiy

Picture of Arcadiy Volskiy

Date of Birth: 05/15/1932

Age: 74

Place of birth: Dobrush

Citizenship: Russia


Read and write Arkady learned at home in 4 years, which is why he and "no luck" to stay the first-grader. In school he went to study not 7, is believed to have a 6 years old, and once in the 2nd class. Study was easy to him, the acquisition of new knowledge always enjoyed.

In early 1941, after joining the Soviet Union in Western Belarus, Wolski family moved to the former Polish city of Bialystok, where Anna Semyonovna appoint the head of the city department of public education. Thus, June 22, the family was in 5 kilometers from the border. Early in the morning they heard the roar of exploding bombs - all at first thought that the maneuvers are held. A few hours later, already burned half of Bialystok.

Arcadia along with other children were put on trucks and almost no adults were sent in the direction of Minsk. The mother remained in the territory of Western Belarus, then she walk to the eastern provinces and went to the guerrillas. The father went to the front as a private, went through the war until victory in May 1945-th.

The evacuation Arkady lived in an orphanage in the city of Saratov Oblast Khvalynsk - here it and found a mother. When the Germans were driven back to the west, Wolski family returned to Belarus. In the town of Lida after the war Arkady finished school. In school, he met his future wife, Lyudmila, with whom he was sitting at the same desk.

In school, Arkady became interested in photography. After receiving matriculation, he decides to enter the Moscow Institute of Cinematography, in the camera department. However, having arrived in Moscow changes its intention and submit the documents to the Institute of Steel and Alloys named after Stalin. Entrance examinations passed perfectly and was admitted to the Faculty of Metallurgy. His future wife was admitted to the Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry. In 1953, their romance will find a happy (and lasting for half a century) continued - they create a family.

As a student, Arkady Volsky, a lot of sports - boxing, fencing, led the board sports society "Science". It is already available to him the title of champion of Belarus in boxing he added Moscow champion in fencing.

Wolski studied perfectly well, and after graduation in 1955, he received an offer to stay in graduate school. In a conversation with the rector of the young engineer asked to send it to the production, explaining his desire that it is necessary to feed the family, which is about to have a baby, and it is practically impossible to live on post-graduate scholarship.

As a result, Arkady Volsky came on VMS (future ZIL), became a master of the melting department of the largest in the country foundry gray cast iron (more than 250 thousand tons of pig iron per year), then worked as a senior foreman, head of the melting department of the foundry, the head of the foundry number 2 , production. He initiated a number of technical innovations, which subsequently have been widely used in the engineering industry of the country. In 1970, AI Wolski was awarded the USSR State Prize.

Production load combined with the public: in the first years of work on the ZIL edited the wall newspaper foundry "cupola", which was recognized as the best in Moscow and was awarded the Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR, headed by Council of young specialists of the enterprise. In 1958 he was admitted to the Communist Party; Communists auto giant had confidence in him - was elected secretary of the Party Committee of the plant. Noticeable merit Wolski has in the success of the football club "Torpedo", one of the best teams in the country 1960. Great Eduard Streltsov when he was only 17 years old, was found and brought to the team a famous coach Viktor Maslov, and Arkady Volsky.

ZIL - the flagship of the domestic engineering industry, sort of "state within a state" - was in plain sight, in sight was also the leader of the party of the enterprise. In 1969 he was invited to the Central Committee Department of Mechanical Engineering. Here he worked as head of the automotive sector, the deputy head, the Deputy Head of the Department, even managed to stay (3 days), the general director of KamAZ (then plant in Naberezhnye Chelny only started to build). But then Volsky was invited to a meeting of the Central Committee Secretariat - and began his party career.

Work of the Central Committee are extremely stress - home Arkady Ivanovich, by and large, come only to sleep (my wife for it called him "lodger", he himself with a smile, insisted that he was at a higher level - not the tenant and the roommate). In half a year he spent on business trips when in Volgodonsk ATOMMASH erected, did not get out from the construction site six months, the same number - at the WHA in 1970. At Kamaz in the museum hangs a picture with the caption, according to which the record belongs to Volsky visit the factory - he came to Naberezhnye Chelny 47 times. When the Chernobyl tragedy happened, Wolski arrived in the disaster area, has done much to save people.

From 1983 to 1984 A. Wolski works as an assistant in economics CPSU General Secretary YV Andropov (about his assistant Yuri spoke as a "boxed personality"). Again - Mechanical Engineering Department of the CPSU Central Committee (1985-90), now as the first person - the head of department. In the period of perestroika, he, along with other prominent politicians became the founder of the Movement of Democratic Reforms; perestroika many theses have been formulated with his participation in the preparation of further performances MS Gorbachev at the WHA (one of the first trips of the new secretary general of the country).

In 1988-90 at the request of MS Gorbachev AI Wolski headed by the Special Management Committee (SAC), Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast - body, concentrated in his hands the powers of the dissolved Provincial Committee and Executive Committee. Seeing the complexity of the situation in the region, AI Wolski desperately fought for its peaceful resolution. Especially emotionally, he spoke at the I Congress of People`s Deputies of the country, where he said about the inadmissibility of further inaction at the highest level. Following this presentation, the relationship soured with Gorbachev, and in January 1990 in Baku by bloodshed, and the SAC was dismissed.

In Chechnya handy rare for Russian politicians quality that fully Volsky has - the ability to listen, to win the sympathy of the audience, to engage in dialogue with people standing, even in other positions - not irritated and trying to understand the conversation. At the same time appeals Volsky agreement and find a peaceful solution to the crisis, caused in some people not just rejection, but also open hostility. It is still unknown who were planted firecrackers and grenades for small car in Grozny Wolski ...

Later on, when he was president of the RSPP Arkady Ivanovich he was a member of the Constitutional Commission of the Russian Federation (1993), chairman of the Commission on the political stability of the Public Chamber under the President of the Russian Federation (1994), deputy head of the delegation of the Russian Government for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in the Chechen Republic (1995).

In 1980 - the first half of the 1990s, AI Wolski has been active in social and political activities: he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet (1984-86), deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1986-89); People`s deputy of the USSR from the Stepanakert territorial electoral district (1989-91). After the events of August 1991, Arkady Ivanovich worked as deputy chairman of the Committee on the operational management of the national economy of the USSR. From 1989 to 1992, Wolski - a member of the USSR Supreme Council Committee on defense and security issues.

The history of the "main" job AI Wolski in the new Russia - the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) - originates from 1990. On May 18, "Izvestia" published "Appeal scientific and industrial group of People`s Deputies to the industrial, scientific, economic associations and organizations, to the heads of enterprises, scientists and engineers, specialists and workers", which served as a call to the community to establish a national organization, embracing his influence the whole economy, and capable of becoming, as it was expected, the center of the organization of production on a national scale.

For June 16, 1990 at the founding congress of the newly created Scientific and Industrial Soviet Union (NIS) Arkady Volsky was unanimously elected him president. In his report he stated at the congress: "I think that business people see and feel the opportunity to come together and form a serious, independent, self-governing organization, which will be able to defend the rights and interests of producers in a sea of ??problems and challenges that have befallen us in connection with the chosen course on the variety of forms of ownership and the market economy. "

The first case and the principal NPCs positions were so actively supported its members in the field, most of them after the collapse of the USSR declared the need to preserve the organization, now in the territory of the Russian Federation and with a new name - "Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs."

I RSPP founding congress was held December 19, 1991. AI Wolski was elected president of the new Union it - the successor of the NRS. Immediately after the December congress were established its branch and regional organizations and offices; businesses and organizations in large numbers joined the RSPP. This was facilitated by the fact that during the formation of the structure of the new Russian government, most ministries and departments have been eliminated. At one meeting, AI Wolski in response to expressed appreciation for the work on the acceptance as a member of the RSPP metaphorically remarked that "enterprises were in the dog`s position, lost the master, and so naturally their desire to unite." It is significant that its entry into the RSPP said and foreign members of the NSP - such major companies as "IBM", "Fiat", "Olivetti", "DuPont" and others.

In early 1992, Arkady Ivanovich was elected the first chairman of the Council of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (until 1996, now - the honorary chairman of the Board) - an organization designed to serve the establishment of interstate economic relations. The basis of the Congress are national association of business circles of the countries of the near abroad and the former CMEA.

Over the years, AI Wolski headed the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of his biography are closely intertwined, and is inseparable from the records and the results of the activities of the RSPP. This organization has consistently defends the interests of Russian producers of goods and services. This work is carried out in several main areas: at the legislative level (the creation of new and ongoing work on the improvement of the adopted laws that define economic and investment climate in Russia), in cooperation with the government (the initiation of the adoption of specific programs, conversion of defense enterprises, the direction of public and private investment in the most promising projects, etc.), the full cooperation and promoting cooperation with manufacturers of goods and services both in Russia and internationally.

One of the major issues discussed at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Union, - the question of industrial policy. In the early 1990s, AI Wolski highly appreciated the economic reforms in China and called for a better use of all the experience of its neighbors in the domestic environment (two-sector economy, increased government regulation, fighting corruption, stimulation of demand by income growth). Then, the political power in the country did not listen to reasonable and useful tips, and "Russian miracle" similar "Chinese miracle" (8-12 percent annual industrial growth, impressive foreign investment flows) did not happen. Moreover, in the press Arkady Ivanovich became the object of criticism, the essence of which concentrated the title of an article: "Russia - not China, Wolski - not Deng Xiaoping". No wonder: the relationship with the Prophets always fatherland was not easy ...

Today, the RSPP, headed by AI Wolski - the largest all-Russian independent public organization, representing the interests of the business community. Its purpose RSPP sees the consolidation of efforts of industrialists and businessmen of Russia, aimed at improving the business environment, enhancing the status of Russian business in the country and in the world, provided the balance of the interests of society, government and business. The Union brings together more than 6000 collective and individual members (more than 320 thousand individuals) in its ranks. Enterprises, manufacturing associations and companies outside the Union producing more than 60 percent of Russian production. RSPP members are more than 100 major international companies.

He is the undisputed head of RSPP, AI Wolski is also the chairman of the Russian-Japanese committee on economic cooperation, one of the organizers of the Russian-American Business Dialogue, a member of a number of government commissions and other bodies, the chairman of the Coordination Council of Russian employers` associations, honorary chairman of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, member of the Council for Foreign and Defence policy, the chairman of the Council for trade and economic cooperation Board (Russia - USA). Arkady Ivanovich - member of the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of the All-Russian contest "Organization of High Social Efficiency", a member of the Commission on the organization of management training for the organizations of the Russian Federation of the economy, a member of the Council for Physical Culture and Sports under the President of the Russian Federation, member of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, Academician series authoritative Russian and foreign academies (Academy of Engineering, Academy of natural Sciences, and others.). Author of many publications in the Russian press and foreign publications.

He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, three Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order "For Merit" III degree, many medals, and other marks of distinction. Winner of the Russian Union of Journalists Prize "for open communication with the media" (1997).

Free time for Wolski - a concept rather speculative. When given a rare opportunity, he was happy to attend the theater, went to the cottage. He was an avid fan of football. He loved science fiction.