Ararat Gomtsyan

Picture of Ararat Gomtsyan

Date of Birth: 02/02/1948

Age: 68

Citizenship: Armenia


Ararat Dvinovich Gomtsian (arm. ?????? ????? & # 1377; & # 1398 ;, February 2, 1948, Gyumri) - Armenian politician and statesman. Candidate of Economic Sciences (1979).

1966-1971 - Yerevan State University. Economist.

1977 - graduate of the Institute of Economics of NAS RA.

1990 - Moscow Higher Party Academy.

1971-1972 - served in the Soviet army.

Since 1980 - he was also engaged in teaching activities. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University. He is a member of the Economic Union Council of Armenia.

From 1982 - he was on party work.

1986-1990 - the first secretary of the district committee of the Communist Party of Armenia in the area of ??the earthquake.

1990-1996 - chairman of the national association of public utility under the Armenian government.

1996-1999 - the first governor of Shirak marz.

1990-1995 - Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR.

1995 - once again a member of parliament. Member of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. Member of the "Republic" party.

1999-2000 - chief of operations Armenii.2000-2001 government - Advisor to the Prime Minister.

2001-2002 - Head of the Republican staff on preparation for winter. Alternately led teams and staffs to rebuild cities, villages and communication systems in border areas.

Since 2002 - General Consul of Armenia in the Southern Federal District of Russia. RANS Academician (2002). He was awarded orders, medals and other government awards.