Antony Beevor

Picture of Antony Beevor

Date of Birth: 12/14/1946

Age: 69

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Anthony Beevor (Eng. Antony Beevor), p. December 14, 1946 - British writer and historian [3] [4], the author of several books on the history of the twentieth century, in particular the 2 nd World War. Honorary Doctor of Humanities (en: Doctor of Letters), University of Kent [1]. Visiting Professor (Eng. Visiting professor) [2] School history, classical philology and archeology at Birkbeck College, University of London (Eng. School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Birkbeck College, University of London) [3]. Member of the Royal Society of Arts and Letters. Winner of a number of historical and literary prizes.

He studied at Sandhurst military school; after graduating in 1967-1970. He served in England and Germany in the 11th Hussars Prince Albert. He commanded a tank platoon on the eastern border of Germany. He left military service in order to devote himself to literature and science. He is a disciple of a prominent historian of the 2nd World War by John Keegan. At the present time - a visiting professor [3] [2] in school history, classical philology and archeology at Bikberkeskom College, London University, where he teaches the course of history of the twentieth century Spain.

Beevor debuted in 1982 monograph "The Spanish Civil War"; her second, revised edition (2005) was recognized as the best seller in Spain