Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa

Picture of Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa

Date of Birth: 01/23/1953

Age: 63

Citizenship: United States


Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa (Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa, 23.01.1953) - American politician, the mayor of Los Angeles. I got this office on May 17, 2005, defeating then-Mayor James Hahn, and was re-elected in the 2009th. Before the election, and was a member of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on the California forty-five counties and advisor to Los Angeles from the fourteenth district. Prior to the public policy of the trade unions involved. Villaraigosa graduated from the People`s College of Law - Unverified American institution, however, the examination for admission to the bar failed four times.

Villaraigosa served as assistant chairman of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2008, the year and a member of the Assembly of Councillors on the economies in transition under President Barack Obama.

As a child, the future policy named Antonio Ramon Vilar; he was born in the village of City Terrace, in the east of Los Angeles County. His father left the family when he was five. At sixteen, a tumor in the spinal column temporarily paralyzed him from the waist down; the problem was solved, but Antonio sports since engaged longer could. Soon, he was expelled from Catholic school zanizkuyu performance and fight after football mast. After graduating from the education in regular schools, Villaraigosa went to East Los Angeles College, and later - was transferred to the University of California, where he earned a bachelor`s degree in history. In college, he was a leader of a local cell MEChA - Organization for the Protection of Mexicans and Latinos interests.

After university Villaraigosa joined the People`s College of Law. This school has not received state certification; probably that`s why Antonia four failed a California examination for lawyers and to sihpor has no official license to practice law.

After college, Antonio became a field agent of the United Nations Teachers Los Angeles, then - president of the local Civil Liberties Union and the American Federation of Government officials.

Villaraigosa have two daughters, Priscila Marisela Villar and Villar-Contreras - both illegitimate. In 1987, Antonio married Corina Raygose and took a new name, made up of his and her. They had two children; in 2007 to the family finally broke up. At the moment, Villaraigosa unclear relationship with a local TV presenter, Lu Parker.