Antonio Marras

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Date of birth: 21.01.1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Alghero

Citizenship: Italy

The creative director of the house Kenzo

Author: Elena Murzina

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Antonio Marras was born January 21, 1961 Alghero (Alghero), a fairly large city on the west coast of Sardinia, Italy (Sardinia, Italy). He first declared itself in the fashion industry in 1987. Marras never learned the craft designer in special schools, but the irrepressible need for self-expression and a bit of luck helped him break into the world`s catwalks. He grew up among the scraps and residues of materials in his father`s workshop and from an early age developed a passion and a keen understanding of textiles, and once convinced of a businessman from Rome (Rome) to entrust him with the creation of a collection of clothes ready-to-wear.

In July 1996, the debut of Antonio Marras in high fashion. It was the first kind of journey designer to the traditions of a series of the same, a very personal interpretation of some collective memories of the nation - the Italians who emigrated to svoimisemyami in Argentina (Argentina) in search of a better life, a woman who worked in coal mines instead of husbands and sons, being thin air comes from the Middle Ages.

Its collections are perceived as stories as stylistic research, in which each part has its symbolic sign, and the taste contrasts to the designer plays an important role: the markings on thin fabrics, fringe gauze with luxurious embroidery, brocade on the edge of the uncircumcised.

In March 1999, Marras presented in Milan (Milan) its first collection of ready-to-wear under the brand name `Antonio Marras`.

In June of 2002, during the `Pitti Uomo`, men`s fashion exhibition in Florence (Florence), fashion designer showed his first menswear collection. Since January 2003, shows men`s collections are regularly Marras in Milan during Fashion Week (Fashion Week).

In September 2003, the French group `LVHM` Antonio Marras appointed artistic director of the female line` Kenzo`.

Although Antonio often have to travel because of his work, he insists, to live in Sardinia, because he believes that his native island gives him power to do. Marras living in a big house with a workshop in Alghero, located on a hill overlooking the sea, with his large family, who takes an active part in its work. Among other things, Marras has created costumes for productions of opera `Orfeo Evridika` (Orfeo ed Euridice), presented at the opening of a new cultural center in Alghero.

His first collection of Antonio Marras carried the distinctive features of his distinctive style - mixed forms, symbolic ornaments, borrowing from other eras and other cultures, nostalgic notes and thrust to the past, as well as the use vintazhnyhtkaney and clothing as a means of reviving bygone eras. All these issues have been fully developed in his `Laboratorii`, a kind of secret room Marras. His collection - is no longer a ready-to-wear and haute couture in its pure form, they are produced in limited quantities and are always unique in its kind, because the fabrics produced from residues and can not be mass production. Changed the shape and proportions, unusual techniques material handling (tears, charring, inlays), bright unusual decorations transform clothing from Marras into works of art.

In turn, the fashion shows of Antonio Marras becomes surprising and unexpected event where their own or with the help of artists Marras creates installations and performances. He also organized several exhibitions and cultural events with an artistic and social implications.

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