Antonio Chose Sukre

Picture of Antonio Chose Sukre

Date of Birth: 03/02/1795

Age: 35

Citizenship: Venezuela


Antonio Jose de Cukre born February 3, 1795 in New Granada (today Venezuela). At the age of 15 letSukre joined the struggle for the independence of Venezuela and Colombia. He showed great ability in military tactics, and in 1820 was appointed Chief of Staff of the leader of the struggle for the independence of the colonies of Simon Bolivar. In the same year, thanks to the patronage of Bolivar, Sucre, received the rank of General and ordered to release Gran Colombia (currently Ecuador) from Spanish armiiPokinuv Colombia led small army, Sucre made a march around the Gulf of Guayaquil and proclaimed a protectorate on the territory of Colombia. Then his army reached the city of Quito, Ecuador`s capital today, located at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level. May 24, 1822 Spanish royal troops defending the city were broken.

After this victory, Sucre army turned to the south-east and merged with Bolivar`s army won a number of joint wins. In 1824, Bolivar handed over control of its army of Sucre, which completed the liberation of Peru and Upper Peru (now Bolivia).

After the liberation of the colonies, Sucre became president of Bolivia. In this role, he was trying to hold a series of economic and political reforms, including the expropriation of the lands of the Roman Catholic Church and the establishment of universal secondary education.

In 1828 opposition uprising and intrigues locals Sucre forced to resign and return to Ecuador. He helped to protect the Great Colombia by Peruvian attacks in 1829, and in 1830 he was called to lead convened by Bolivar "Great Conference", which was intended to unite Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela into a federal state. When Sucre returned to Congress in Ecuador, he was killed. It is believed that the killer had been sent Jose Maria Obando, Colombian and enemy of Bolivar, but the evidence has not been found.