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Date of Birth: 05/10/1934

Age: 82

Place of birth: Shatura

Citizenship: Russia


She was born May 10, 1934 in the town of Shatura, Moscow Region. In 1952 she entered the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. University, and in 1957 graduated from the Department of Psychology of the Faculty. Since 1958, he worked at the Faculty of Philosophy Department of Psychology, and the founding of the Faculty of Psychology in 1966 at the moment - at this faculty. In 1968 she defended her thesis under the direction of P. Galperin, and in 1994 - a doctoral thesis. Associate Professor from 1976, Professor of the Department of General Psychology since 1997, emeritus professor of the Moscow State University (2006). Corresponding Member of RAO (2005).

Area of ??scientific activity - learning theory, general psychology and history of psychology. Included in the scientific PY school Halperin, her PhD thesis has been made on the topic "The experience of the psychological theory of the types of teachings to the construction of the subject (the morphology of Russian language)" (1968); it experimentally investigated the types of orientation of the learning process, and especially - the third, the highest type.

Since the beginning of the 1970s. It deals with the history of psychology. This area is dedicated to his doctoral dissertation, "The history of the formation of psychology as its subject" (1994). Building on the tradition and the idea of ??P. Galperin, (in relation to the history of psychology) conducted a study of the sources and determinants of psychological knowledge in the global and domestic science in relation to the interdisciplinary connections, proposed a new conceptual approach to historical and psychological analysis, according to which the history of psychology appears as the process of changing its object, methods and fundamental problems, collectively reveal the nature of the mental as an object of scientific knowledge. On the basis of this approach it has developed a new version of the training course on the history of psychology for students of psychological faculties, programs compiled and created tutorials.

A.N.Zhdan - a recognized specialist in the history of psychology and general psychology. Her textbook "History of psychology. From antiquity to the present day "has withstood 5 editions (last revised edition was published in the" Classical university textbook "series in 2004). She is also the co-editor (with P. Galperin) two well-known anthology of the history of psychology, which studies more than one generation of students (first editions were respectively in 1980 and 1986.; Now both merged into one anthology book " History of psychology:.. The twentieth century / edited by P. Galperin, A.N.Zhdan; 4th ed was published in 2002). A.N.Zhdan is also the author of the program on the history of psychology, which is used by many psychologists of educational institutions of our country, and the author of numerous works on the history of psychology and general psychology: "Psychological mechanisms of mastering grammar native and foreign languages" (1972, co-author. ), "The history of foreign psychology (30th - 60th years of the twentieth century).. Texts "(1986, co-author.)" The study of the traditions and scientific schools in the history of Soviet psychology "(1988 ed.)," The history of psychology. The period of open crisis (early 10`s - mid 30-ies of XX century.) Lyrics "(1992, co-author.) And others.

More than 30 years Antonina Nikolaevna teaches courses on the history of psychology students of day and evening department of the Faculty of Psychology, as well as listeners FPK. They enjoy the same success as combine the information content, and scientific fascination presentation.

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