Anton Biushing

Picture of Anton Biushing

Date of Birth: 09/27/1724

Age: 68

Citizenship: Germany


He graduated from the University of Halle, Master of Theology (1747). In 1754-1761 Professor of Philosophy at the same university, Doctor of Theology (1756). In 1750 for the first time I visited Russia as an educator son of the Danish envoy FR Dinara. In 1761-1765 pastor of the Lutheran Church of St. Peter`s and the director of the church school ( "Peterschule") in St. Petersburg. I share the idea of ??a German teacher and theologian AG Franke connection of training and education; a living means of communication, public speaking skills earned him the love and respect of his contemporaries. Led by their "school of Languages, Arts and Sciences" in St. Petersburg has been a major training center with a library, "Cabinet naturals", physical and chemical laboratories; enrollment of about 300 people. Bushing for the first time in Russia introduced the teaching of the Russian language and the Orthodox Faith. Bushing - author of several pedagogical works and textbooks on geography, history, philosophy, religion. From the geographical works widely known "New zemleopisanie" (T. 1-2, 1754-1759), dedicated to Russia, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain and OE to Europe and Asia. All volumes are published in Russian translation, 1st volume containing the general characteristics of Europe and the Russian Empire - twice (1763 and 1766). Proceedings Bushing included materials about the population, political system, culture, crafts, trade, finance, manufactures, mail, transport and OE In 1763 Bushing prepared a theoretical work "A Guide to the thorough and useful knowledge of the geographical and political condition of the European states." In 1765 the rector of the united Berlin, Cologne Gymnasium in Berlin. Since 1767 (in Hamburg, Halle 1772-1788) Bushing published in German historical and geographical magazine "Shop igeografii new history" (published 23 volumes), containing materials of the population, the political system, foreign and domestic policies of the European countries. The magazine is widely represented in the Russian legislation XVIII. ( "General Regulation", "Table of Ranks," a decree on the secularization of church and monastic lands in 1764, 1775 and Customs Tariff OE), statistical data on the population of Russia, the state of the various sectors of the economy, Russian trade, army, navy. Bushing - the first publisher of many works of foreigners about Russia: notes, diaries, travel descriptions, including GF Bassevicha, IF Kilburgera and OE The magazine published the works of Russian writers: GF Miller, PS Pallas, DC Cantemir, PI Rych Cova and OE, as well as studies of the Bushing on Russian history: "A Brief History of the Romanovs" (1767), "History of Russian Emperor John III of" (1771), "The history of the family of the Grand Duchess and regent Anna and Duke Anton-Ulrich Brunswick "(1788), the biography of AI Osterman, AP Bestuzhev-Ryumin, II Flattery on, BK Minich. In 1773-1787 Bushing published in German critical and bibliographical journal "weekly news new landkartah, geographical, historical and statistical books and writings" (Berlin), where he published a review of works on Russian history MM Shcherbatova and VN Tatishchev, "gazetteer" FI Polunin and GF Miller, "Ancient Russian vivliofiku" NI Novikov, other writings and maps in Russian; Russian scientists letters and articles Bushing, the former kind of response to events in Russia ( "On the new boundary line between the Kuban and Azov Sea", "On the river Yaik in connection with the change of the name", "On the mountain of bonded factories and peasants" and OE) .