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However, with the advent of the ATP and Bakova pretty cool "I turned to the left", which angered a large part of the "nuclear" of the electorate of the party. Either way, the right to charge him guide his election campaign, and now Tanks - one of the key figures in the party.

The secretary of the federal political council of the Union of Right Forces, Boris Nadezhdin, justifying the invitation Bakova the party, said this: "We hired a manager, a professional. He Tomorrow will charge grandmothers kill - it will grandmothers kill. And good to kill. And today we he was assigned grandparents retired to raise - it increases the pension ". This approach has frequently been the cause for the charges right into the beyond cynicism.

In fairness it should be noted that the fall of the ATP ranking is slowly but surely growing. To what extent is the merit Bakova - a separate issue, and very difficult, but the fact remains.

The SPS Tanks came in July 2004, and in December 2006 became the secretary of the federal political council of the party on the electoral work (to put it simply, for agitation and propaganda). It should be noted that in this case it was and remains a member of the parliamentary faction "United Russia". Even earlier, in 2000, he helped the then Speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznyov, expelled from the Communist Party, to create a left-wing movement "Russia", and in 2002 - the Party of Revival of Russia. Now Seleznev and some of his colleagues left the party and go to the Duma on the list of "Patriots of Russia", led by another former Communist, Gennady Semigin.

And much of the Ural period of activity of tanks and all legendary. Allegedly he assisted with the raider seizures of industrial enterprises, tore regional elections, it was the ideologist of the Urals Branch of the Russian ...

Among the main achievements of the storage containers to the ATP - election program, one of the main points of which is the requirement to increase pensions, "Cacerolazo" in the largest stores in Moscow and Yekaterinburg and many allegations of the use of dirty political technologies. Thus, it is argued that it was his submission in LiveJournal blog appeared a_sychev, who allegedly led the crippled "grandfathers" in the army of Andrei Sychev, but in fact - PR, hired by tanks. Another states that created a kind of virtual imennoBakov pro-Kremlin youth movement, who burned books by Boris Nemtsov.

According to the testimony of ATP members, many of them do not approve of tanks. But he is the head of the campaign headquarters, the election campaign is in full swing, and horses in midstream, as we know, do not change. In addition, the regional group Bakov headed the electoral list SPS on his native Sverdlovsk region, where his approval rating is comparable to the anti-rating. Certain chances of retaining the deputy mandate he has. But even if Bakova will not be in the fifth Duma, there is no doubt that the political consultant of the tanks-we hear again and again. Not in relation to ATP - so in connection with some other organization.