Antoine De Bourbon

Picture of Antoine De Bourbon

Date of Birth: 04/22/1518

Age: 44

Place of Birth: La Fere

Citizenship: France


He was born in La Fere, Picardy, France, and was the son of Charles IV de Bourbon, Duke of Vendome (1489-1537) and his wife, Francoise d`Alencon (d. 1550). He was the elder brother of Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Conde.

October 20, 1548 Mr. Moulin married Jeanne d`Albret, daughter of Henry d`Albret, King of Navarre and his wife Marguerite of Angouleme. Through this marriage, he became the Count of Foix, Bigorre, Armanyaka, Perigord and Viscount Bearn. Kingdom of Navarre has been occupied by Spain in 1512, and Antoine tried to bring him back myself. He was ready to sacrifice much for the sake of their own political interests.

He never had any real religious belief and religion has changed in certain times. His return to peacetime to Catholicism estranged him from his wife. He had a relationship with Louise de La Beroder, "beauty Rouet", and she gave birth to a son in 1555

Although his brother and was the head of the Protestant faction, but spend most of their lives in the struggle against the king of France, Antoine was not ready. Catherine de Medici, regent for his underage son Charles IX French, offered him the post of General leytenantv kingdom in 1561 Antoine agreed. When his wife was allowed to rob Huguenot chapel Vendome and churches in the city in 1562, he threatened to send her to a convent. She sought refuge in Bearn.

Antoine was windy and unstable. He often disappointed his followers and flirted with their opponents.

He laid siege to the Huguenots captured Rouen and was mortally wounded by November 13, 1562 He died near the Andelys (Eure).

Family and Children


by Zhannyd`Albre:

* Henry (1551 & # 8722; 1553), the Duke of Beaumont

* Henri de Bourbon (1553-1610), later King of Navarre (1572-1610) under the name of Henry III of, and then the king of France (1589-1610) under the name of Henry IV

* Louis (1555 & # 8722; 1557), Earl of Marl

* Madeleine (1556)

* Catherine de Bourbon (1559 - 1604), Duchess d`Albret, Countess de d`Armanyak and Rodez; m- (1599) Good Henry II (1563-1624), Duke of Lorraine.

Louise de la Berdezer:

* Karl (1554 & # 8722; in 1610, Marmoutier), archbishop of Rouen