Picture of Antisthenes

Date of Birth: 0444

Age: 74

Place of birth: Athens

Nationality: Greece


He criticized Plato`s doctrine of ideas, taught that the only good is virtue, in comparison with which all other benefits are worth nothing; He was one of the founders of plebeian literature proclaiming denial materialnyhblag and exalt poverty. He spoke of the equality of all people. A. was a very prolific writer: Diogenes Laertius calls more than 60 titles of his works, dividing them into 10 books: I - rhetorical works; II-V and X - ipoliticheskie ethical writings, VI-VII - dialectical writings; VIII-IX - tracts of Homer. From the works of A. survived several passages and 2 sophistic declamation: Ajax and Odysseus, the subject of which was a dispute heroes of the Trojan voynyob Achilles weapons. Form Works A. was loose, casual style, everyday speech, often vulgar. In ancient times it was not appreciated, he was criticized by Plato and Aristotle; for the abundance of his Attic vocabulary recognized attitsistom