Anthony Giddens

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Date of Birth: 01/18/1938

Age: 78

Place of Birth: Edmonton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Giddens was born and raised in Edmonton, London (Edmonton, London); His father was a clerk of the London Passenger Transport Board (London Passenger Transport Board). Seven it was difficult to be attributed to the higher strata of society - it is in the middle-class of the hold without tension; so it is in the future, Anthony Giddens is the first, to go to university. In 1959, Anthony finished the University of Hull (Hull University), received a degree in sociology and psychology; later, he received a master`s degree in London School of Economics (London School of Economics) and a PhD at King`s College, Cambridge (King`s College, Cambridge). In 1961, Giddens began to teach social psychology at the University of Leicester (University of Leicester) - one of the most important for the development of the British schools of sociology. It was in Leicester Anthony met with Elias (Norbert Elias) and began work on the theoretical basis of his teaching. In 1969, Giddens was invited to Cambridge (University of Cambridge); Anthony later there will the Committee of Social and Political Sciences on the basis of the Faculty of Economics.

Cambridge Anthony worked for a long time - in 1987, it even made a full professor at the university. In the period from 1997 to 2003, led by Giddens of the London School of Economic.

In June 2004, Anthony received a life peerage private - and the right to call himself Baron Giddens.

The academic activities Giddens, there are three most important stage. At first, Anthony has formulated a fundamentally new understanding of sociology; under the new concept avtorpodvel pretty solid theoretical and methodological basis. Among the most important of his works of that time should be allocated `Capitalism and modern social teoriya` (` Capitalism and Modern Social Theory`) 1971 and `New rules of sociological metoda` ( `New Rules of Sociological Method`) 1976. In the second stage Giddens developed the theory of structuring - a method of analysis device and the action potential without a definition of the primary ones. Works of this period - in particular, the `central problem of social teorii` (` Central Problems in Social Theory`) and `obschestva` device (` The Constitution of Society`) - Anthony brought fame already at the international level.

The last - and continuing to this day - the stage sociologist focused on the issues of the modern social order, globalization and political interactions. It was at this time engaged in Anthony postmodern criticism and discussion of a new, utopian-realistichnogo` `method of political interaction. Giddens continued to actively publish more and more new works - like `Aftermath moderna` (` Consequence of Modernity`), `Modern and samoidentifikatsiya` (` Modernity and Self-Identity`), `Transformation intimnosti` (` The Transformation of Intimacy`) `beyond right and levogo` (` beyond Left and Right`) and `third Way: Renovation of social demokratii` (` The third Way: The renewal of social Democracy`). His main goal Anthony and still considers the restructuring of social theories and revision of the modern understanding of the development and direction of modern society.

Scientific activity Baron Giddens continues to this day.

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