Anne Bonny

Picture of Anne Bonny

Date of Birth: 08/03/1700

Age: 82

Place of birth: neighborhood Cork

Citizenship: Ireland


When Anne was born, he was a scandal initiated by his wife, in which Edward has lost its clientele. Along with this servant and Ann, he sat down on the ship going to Carolina.

First, he made a living by working as a lawyer, but, having been engaged in trade soon, has made this new reality for themselves such a great success that he was able to buy a very extensive plantation. His servant, that he continued to give of his wife died, a widower and shifted all the worries about the economy on the shoulders of his daughter Anne.

I must say that she had a temper and was very brave. When it subsequently convicted, pirates posted on the process of a lot of stories, most of which were not in her favor. It was said, among other facts, that one day, his father engaged in farming, it is so much angry at an English maid, that poor girl killed on the spot kitchen knife; or another ugly story: a young man who dared to come too close to the Anne against her will, she was bitten so badly that he had not been able to recover from his wounds.

While Anne was living in his father`s house, it was considered a good match, and he was looking for her groom profitable. But she made him miserable, coming secretly married to James Bonny, a simple sailor, who had in his pocket a penny. The father was so furious act daughters that drove eeiz home forever. The young man, who believed that cranked out a profitable business by marrying a rich girl, was very disappointed. Fleeing from an angry father newlyweds nothing to do but sit on a ship going to the island of New Providence, where James had intended to find a job.

Upon arrival she quickly took up with a wealthy planter Child Bayard. Soon, however, there was an ugly story as a result of which Anne was involved in the murder of a cousin of the governor of Jamaica. Anne was thrown into prison, though not for long. Luckily for her, Child not stinted on a substantial bribe to get her out of there. Along with him Anne made several shopping trips to the New World.

After a while, she became impatient society Bayard. In May 1719 she met in a tavern with a pirate Jack Rekhemom, which began to give her constant attentions. He was very kind to her and urged her to gradually leave the Child, which she did in the end. Anne Bonny dressed in men`s clothes and followed Rekhemom, who took it with him into the sea. After a while, she discovered that she was pregnant, and when approached term Rekhem landed her in Cuba, entrusting several of his friends to take care of his girlfriend. Finally, Anne Bonny was resolved from the burden, but the sea adventures were not in vain and the child born anatsefalom, died a few hours later. To soon be forgotten by misfortune befell her, she again went to sea with Rackham.

When all the king decree was published, in which he forgave those pirates who rob stop, Rekhem complied with its terms and parted with a pirate craft. But after some time, the governor hired Rogers to come out into the sea against the Spaniards, he and his comrades mutinied and seized the governor`s ship. It happened rather the fault of the governor. The last was a man of absurd and extremely suspicious. He began to suspect that Ann and Rekhem conspired against him for the purpose of killing him. As punishment, he was forced Rekhema flog his "wife". Execution accomplished. Outraged such treatment, Ann and Rekhem now actually plotted and carried him. They again began the old.

Anne Bonny, as always, accompanied him and has proved many times his friend that no one will give way to the courage and ability to fight. By chance they were captured at sea by pirates, led by Mary Reed. Between them happen misunderstanding, then grew into a strong friendship. As I have already described this part of the life of Anne in the story of Mary Reid, then repeat it here I will not again.

In October 1720 Mary Ann and Rekhem were still caught the Governor of Jamaica Lowes. In that fight it, Mary Reed and Captain Rekhem were the only ones who dared remain on upper deck.

Father of Anne Bonny was known as an honest man in the circle of noble people who have had their plantations in Jamaica. In this regard, many, remembering Anne Bonny in his house, trying to give him some services. But an unforgivable mistake that she made, leaving her husband and followed the pirate has been aggravated her crime against society. When Rekhem was sentenced to death, he was allowed a great mercy to see Anne Bonney, but instead of consolation before she died, she told her friend that he makes her indignation so miserably. "If you had fought like a man, then you would not be hanged like a dog!"

Soon he died in detention Mary Reed. Anne Bonny was in jail until the next delivery period. Her execution was delayed all the time, and in the end, the sentence has not been carried out. The fact that Anne Bonny suddenly and mysteriously disappear from official records. There are several hypotheses about its fate. On one of them, she went deep into the American continent as part of an expedition, where he soon died of illness. On the other - she again contacted the pirates and died in one of the boarding battles. There is also a hypothesis that she allegedly returned to Ireland.