Anna Paquin

Picture of Anna Paquin

Date of Birth: 07/24/1982

Age: 34

Place of Birth: Winnipeg

Citizenship: Canada


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Full name: Anna Helen Pekin

Date of Birth: July 24, 1982

A career of this young actress, who recently turned 20 years old, called the little lightning - such a career, Hollywood has ever seen. In eleven years, Anna was standing on the stage of the hall, which hosted the ceremony "Oscar Movie Awards 1993", clutching a dream of many generations of actors. Looking at Anna now know: starry night is repeated, and the "Oscar" of a decade ago is not the only one.

Pekin Anna was born July 24, 1982 in a family of teachers. Her father - a Canadian-born - a sports instructor at the college. Mother - from New Zealand, she teaches English. Anna`s parents divorced when she was fourteen. She now lives with her mother in Wellington, New Zealand, and his father usually occurs at Christmas. Anna has an older brother and sister Katya her senior by two years, and Andrew - for seven years. Another member of this big family (Anna huge number of close and distant relatives from the paternal side) - it is a hunting dog, Jesse.

Meteoric rise to stardom began to Anna with a newspaper ad. It said about the casting for the role of a little girl in the movie Flora Jane Campion`s "The Piano." Sister Anna Kate and some of her girlfriends are interested in this, Anne went to them only because she "had nothing to do at the moment."

Jane Campion says that if Anna was the smallest and the most modest of the five thousand girls who came to audition. "But when she spoke, I almost fell off the chair Her story about why her mother Flora Ada McGrath lost her voice was amazing I have it fully believe it is such a rarity -... To find young talent, having so strong an instinct artistry!"

Ada McGrath played Holly Hunter. Little Anna tried hard to copy the style of play of the actress. Influence Hunter, as well as the support and understanding of Campion did their job: Anna felt a taste for shooting. And fate has left her without reward. Two years after the beginning of her film career, when the film was released, it was nominated for "Oscar". He was nominated in the category "Best Supporting Actress" for her role as Flora.

No one even could not think that kinoakademiki decide to give the palm to the young actress "Piano". According to all forecasts, it was to win Ryder - another miracle child film industry. But, to the surprise of all present, and most of Anna, the ceremony was called her name. Many of those who have lost money by making bets are winning Pekin, then argued that it was awarded only a trick by which the organizers have tried to prove that not all of them show predictable. Others believed that the young actress with her boldness and deep dark eyes really is a phenomenon that deserves special attention. Despite the fact that her role was minor, Flora scenario more than any words, because she had to translate to others what I wanted to tell her mute mother.

Anna herself was speechless for a few seconds, when she was invited to the stage on that memorable evening. She was literally Dumbfounded by surprise, and could not say a word. Looking around the room, wide-eyed and ragged breathing, the young winner yet braced herself iproiznesla acceptance speech. She thanked Jane and Holly, who "made it all possible," and has not forgotten those who helped her on the set. Then she ran back to her place instead, to go behind the scenes at the press conference. But then she still went to the conference room, where she was waiting for hundreds of journalists, and the question of what she feels, becoming the winner, said: "Well, it`s great!"

After the ceremony, Anna was not long delayed in the United States. The next day she visited an exhibition of Picasso`s work in the Los Angeles gallery and went back to New Zealand, where her class was going to go hiking.

Unlike celebrities who proudly display their award trophies, Anna hides Academy statuette in his closet and did not like to talk about this event, although it was the second youngest winner, and so the first "Oscar-winning actress" from New Zealand.

"Before" Piano "I have had no experience of performances, - Anna says - unless, of course except for the skunk role in the school play." After the "Piano" role was more than enough. To begin with, Anna starred in several commercials MCI. This was followed by a more serious proposal: she starred as Jane Eyre in the eponymous kinopostanovke 1996; starred in the movie "Fly Away Home" (1996), "At the wedding" (1997), "Amistad" (1997), "Turmoil" (1998), "Fury" (1999), "She`s All That" (1999), " X-men "(2000)," Buffalo Soldiers "(2001) and others. The repeated great success brought Anna "X-Men" - his role as Mary Roach fans, the actress is significantly increased.

Anyone who is familiar with Anna firsthand, mark it with a unique ability to adequately assess the scenarios proposed to her. Even five years ago, when Anna was not sure if she will continue career as a film actress, she studied very closely the script and agreed to shooting only when he in her opinion, was worth the trip. Anna, of course, listen to the views of parents and agents. "But in the end it`s always been my personal decision", - says the actress.

All the experts say in chorus natural Anna front of the camera. "I never think how to play I just do it.", - She says. Perhaps it is these features of the young Anna helped her from the wonder-child to become an adult actress and avoid the fate of many child actors who grow up to become unnecessary film industry.

Now twenty years, Anna, who once dreamed of becoming Prime Minister of New Zealand, studying at Columbia University and continues to act. Despite a successful film career, she believes that education is important for all: "I want to understand the different things, not just about acting," - says Anna. And although the evil tongues say that for its first class in college Anna arrived in a limousine, she says, that goes to school in the metro.

Over the past year, she appeared in several movies, including "X-Men 2," "25th Hour" and "This is our youth." Between filming Anna began studying ballet. She hoped that the six to seven sessions per week will help her succeed in this new field for her. And this no doubt, because we all know that, despite the multi-million dollar bank accounts and general acceptance, Anna remains stubborn and single-minded person who knows her worth, knows what she wants and what it takes to achieve the goal.