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Date of Birth: 06/24/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The debut four years

Once, when Anna was only four years old, she walked with her parents at ENEA. It so happened that one of the assistants to the film studio. Gorky, located nearby, drew attention to the pretty girl. "Oh, what have you relaxed girl! You do not want that she starred in the movie?" - She turned to her parents ...

Then there were sample. Of the many children in the role of the Commissioner`s daughter in the heroic adventure film George Shvyreva was chosen precisely Anya. It struck all, reciting by heart Lermontov "Demon" (her father-daughter architect often read this poem at night).

Anna claims that she was not filming difficult. But there was a case nearly cost the of her life, when she could get under the wheels of the locomotive: "In rehearsals, he stopped in front of me I thought that this will happen during the scene recording a result of flying with a roar and a whistle iron Mahina, and I.. standing post ... The last time I was literally pulled out from under the wheels actor Alexei Vanin -. my "godfather" This frame and went into the film. "

Thus began the path Nazarevo Anna in the movie.

Children`s role in the movie

Directors drew attention to the talented girl, and was soon followed by invitations to appear in "Jumble". Who does not remember the funny girl, who was alone at home, my mother`s all smeared lipstick, mascara, powder and scared the thieves climbed into the apartment.

Invites her in the movie. In 1980, Anna appeared at the legendary director Sergei Gerasimov Appolinarievicha in the historical film "The Youth of Peter". A year later, she flashed in an episode in the musical comedy Victor Makarov and Alexander Polynnikova "Take care of women." Meeting with director Alexander Polynnikovym became fateful for the girls, but more on that later ...

Film Institute

In Anna childhood dreamed about the profession of a ballerina or a flight attendant, but spun her cinema. My father, seeing the success of a daughter in the movie, and advised: "If you get, hit at one point!" In the seventh grade (!), She was invited by Sergei Gerasimov Appolinarievichem auditor to VGIK.

Anna says: "Twice a week, I`m terribly happy, on a piece of paper skip school. She ran to study dance skills, speech and vocals. Gerasimov - a unique person, he adored all of his students and helped everyone."

After studying four courses at Gerasimova, Anna was again credited as a volunteer in the course of Alexei Batalov, which she again passed from the first to the fourth year. Thus, she has studied at VGIK 8 years! As she laughingly admits: "I was there called the" daughter of the regiment "And only then Anna was officially accepted to VGIK A year later, she passed all the examinations for the four courses..!


As already mentioned, Alexander Polynnikova Anya appeared for the first time in 11 years. When the shooting began "Primorsky boulevard" he jokingly said to the girl: Will you 18 - write out "Anna took it very seriously, and after coming of age consulted on this matter with my father He endorsed the choice of his daughter...

Soon they were married. Anna recalls: "My father was in the hospital then, and we celebrated the wedding in the woods near a stream pribolnichnom Mom, Dad, my husband and I.."

Alexander wormwood, which is older Ani 28 years old, has been married before. According to Anna: ". I have a great relationship with his ex-wife and son so happened that his son of 21 years became a father, and I, respectively, grandmother!"


After her marriage, Anna starred in several films of her husband: "Take me with you", "Day of Love", "Naked in the hat", "La Cumparsita", "A man of easy virtue" and "Sinful Love". As a rule, its heroine - fragile, trusting, defenseless girl. Like fairies, they fascinate the viewer is only one by their appearance. This beauty contest winner Christine in the movie "Day of Love", and the savings bank employee in the comedy "Playing the millions" and Anya in the melodrama "La Cumparsita".

For his work in the film "La Cumparsita" Anna was awarded the "Prize of the Cold Faith name" as the most feminine actress.

Not just Anna appeared on the exposed screen. For the first time it happened, when the girl was only 15 years old in the movie "Dance floor". As recognized by the actress, on this occasion it is not worried - because it is not shot anyone, and Samson Samsonov - student of Gerasimov. But in the school because of this, Anya started having problems - it is simply not accepted into the Komsomol, saying that it does not deserve.

Then the actress demonstrated her perfect body in the drama "Love Day", where her character was raped and erotic comedy "Naked in the hat."

Work in recent years

In recent years, many Anna Nazareva again began to appear in the movie. Only now it appears on the screen, mainly in the series: "Three against all", "Return of Mukhtar", "Beacon Hill", "Friendly Family".

In addition to the film, Anna took up singing. Together with the composer Sergei Maklashevskim they recorded a few songs, and are preparing to release a disc.

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