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I know how to stop loving sweet

Author: Natalia Korneeva

Website: Celebrities

- Anya, recently American scientists, testing a group of owls and larks group received a stunning result. It turned out that the owl, as compared to the larks, successful in business and earn more. You belong to a group?

- I am an owl. So I have become a tradition since childhood addiction to read under the covers at night. I need to be alone, to think and read. When all domestic sleep - this is the most comfortable time for me. In the morning, I better not touch. I wake up hard. It knows my mother. Now it knows my husband.

- And you do not suffer because the owl? How does this affect business?

- Do not suffer at all. Never thought about it before, it interferes Do it to me in the work. All creative people are living on the shifted schedule. I can not say that because I am a night owl and wake up late, do not have time to nothing. Quite the contrary. Of course, if shooting a movie, you have to get up early.

- And how do you bring yourself to life with early rising?

- A sense of responsibility prevails. It`s hard, but it is necessary. It helps douches and green tea. Our family all the cult of tea. To feel good in the morning, it is best not to eat and drink before the departure of a glass of fresh juice.

- Anya, and how do you eat?

- I`m a vegetarian for fourteen years.

- What this is dictated?

- Nothing, just been reading clever books. This happened not once, but gradually. I only eat fish. Igor, on the contrary, meat-eater, and I cook it the meat, but no discomfort from it does not feel. The smell of meat I was not annoying. I do not eat while working, because that gives on the court - it`s junk food. I call it kinokorm. At the site, to wake up, drink coffee all the time, and soluble. So we, filmmakers, all suffer one occupational disease - gastritis. At home, I do not eat. My diet - salads, fish, cheese, fruit, green tea, and juices. And the principle - separate meals. But, as you can see, despite the fact that I am a vegetarian, I do not thin. My husband comforted me that I just have such a structure. I approach this question philosophically, I believe that any lack of dignity can be learned and that everything is relative. Although I try from time to time, something to take to get into, for instance, trousers before last season. I struggle with weight has a permanent character. If needed for the role, it`s all very simple: enough to put a goal and I`ll do the impossible. For example, there is one effective diet, protein, with which you can remove five or six extra kilos in a week.

Well, if I`m the director, I do not care how I look, although all my friends know that even in the store, I will not go in a disassembled form. But when I was the director, something like how to stop being a woman. Of course I dissemble.

- Are you generally feminine vain? It`s nice if you like the others?

- And what woman does not like it? And I`m also not an exception. But I, for example, against any plastic surgery. I do not think the artificiality of something good. It should be natural throughout. It seems to be Anna Magnani said: My wrinkles - my life? So, my opinion: much nicer to see a handsome man looking his age, than an artificial person.

- Many women are so natural for they do not recognize even makeup. What do you say?

- Woman in makeup and without - are two different people. In my opinion, make-up - a protective reaction from external influence. When you`re not wearing makeup and her hair, it does not seem dressed. I love doing them. Makeup do myself and know myself thoroughly, better than any makeup. I usually say: I`ll find your face and drift away for an hour and a half. The husband grumbles: Something very long are you searching for a person, and for me it`s a ritual. But this does not mean that I have put on the face of cosmetics kilograms. Makeup should be dim, almost imperceptible. In the selection of cosmetics I am very scrupulous. I believe that a woman can not be cheap shoes and cosmetics.

- Anya, how do you manage to exist in two forms: be an actress and a director? Are not you tired? Usually the one who becomes a director of the actor`s career has already refused.

- I was always throwing in one direction and then in another direction. But I love to live to the fullest. I do not know how to boil the pot, and can not live half-heartedly. So I`m wondering exist in both professions at once. You can not shoot continuous movies. And the acting profession - one of the best.

- How to recover after the shooting?

- To recover, I need to sleep a lot, communicate with those who love to read and watch movies. When you work - generally once a deal with. Therefore, the best holiday for me - go on the sea. Even just for three days. I swam away from the shore and it obtains the lost freedom. After all, someone always puts you in a frame: if you shoot - the soul is the director. If you shoot itself - producer. I tolerate it can not!

- Your husband with gastronomic tastes are not the same, but what else do you do not match?

- The rest we complete harmony. Actors have a property - the ability to adapt to the partner. Igor wonderful partner on stage and in the movies, and at home - even more so.

- What is your style of dress? Business or free?

- I can be quite different. When I lived in a dormitory VGIK vahtersha me all the time did not recognize: you to whom?

In principle, gravitate to the classics, I do not like flowers and ruffles, bright colors. I love black. I can not even count how many I have black suits. Weight. I briefly enough to wear color. Again, I change into black, because it is convenient, because Judith and I are very.

And my biggest weakness - shoes. This is a disaster! In our small apartment so there is no place to store boxes with shoes. Shoes, in my opinion, should be dear, beautiful, comfortable, with high heels or not, it depends on underneath that. Under certain thing should be certain shoes.

- Anya, apparently, the expression a healthy lifestyle, not an empty word for you?

- Once my husband was gravely ill, and his life literally hung in the balance, I realized that health - is the most important thing in life. No matter how trite it sounds. You can not make a career, you can not develop a personal life, but if you lost your health - you do not need anyone. Especially in our profession.

So I repeat: Health - the most important thing. And when it comes to a close you the man whom you can suddenly lose due to illness - even more so. Now I have a rule: you can not save on food and to eat only healthy food.

And we can not say to myself that I buy and eat this, because it is cheap. Best not to wear, do not buy an extra pair of shoes, but it is good to eat. What you eat, and the fact you will be held. At home refrigerator is always packed with fresh produce. When Igor was recovering from an illness, the doctor told him to eat some food. And under this mode already, and adjusts itself, and can not put on the table a dish cooked yesterday. Therefore, the power - it is a separate line in our family budget.

- What you need to avoid or deny yourself?

- Probably, if healthy, all is possible. Only need to remember how to say at the time, my grandmother-Polka: Tso zaduzho, do not HEALTHCENTER. That is, too - that is unhealthy. Nothing should be too. I, for example, to break the habit of sweet, I came up with myself that I did not want to. It helps.

- Anna, what you need for a good mood?

- Job. If you have a job - I feel comfortable. But when there is no work, I with itself is not boring. I always have a next book, which I have not yet read. Movies that I have not looked. The computer on which I wrote some script that no one knows when even see the light, and unfinished. In general, I can up to five in the morning to watch the movie and read the four books at a time.

I do not like to hang out. I do not like to go to festivals, the festival program if there is any of my film or film my husband.

My husband is very comfortable at home. But if I have a job - I`m ready to surrender completely to her. I do not care if: I slept or not, eat or not eat. The husband in such cases, said: If you have a movie - you can not see anything.