Anna Kamenkova

Picture of Anna Kamenkova

Date of Birth: 04/27/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


debut six years

The debut of the actress in the movie took place in the age of six, and, as often happens, it all happened in the general accident. Their kindergarten group was taken on a walk in the park of the Bolshoi Theatre. Children normally run, jump, and then noticed how at one of the benches kakie-to people asked older children read poems. The kids gathered around, watching the scene. And then a little Anya stepped forward and, without batting an eye, demanded: "Now listen to me!"

As it turned out, they were representatives of a film studio. They were looking for a children`s performer role in the painting "Girl looking for his father." Brisk girl they liked, and she was invited to the studio to the director Lev Golub. At first, he was not attracted to Anna. "Not good - very small" - delivered its verdict director. But then everything changed his mind, and adopted daughter Anna to the role of a partisan.

The film was a great audience success. It was shown at various domestic and foreign film festivals, gathering a lot of prestigious awards. Many contributed to this quite natural, authentic game Ani Kamenkova. The girl was a talented child, clever and emotional. She completely believed in "the proposed game" and cried in the frame for real. For this work at the II International Film Festival in Mar del Plata in Argentina Anja has received its first award.


After starring in the movie "The girl is looking for her father," Anya Kamenkova received many offers to act. But parents believed that the most important thing for a child - study. It remained in the memory of the girls a sense of celebration of the shooting. This feeling grew in confidence that the actress profession - the best in the world.

Put his arm and his father, a teacher of literature, Ana instilled love for the theater. He often drove the daughter to the best performances of the capital. And then together they eagerly discussed productions at home. Seeing her daughter acting ability, her parents gave

the studio of artistic expression at the Palace of Pioneers. Anna worked in a remarkable teacher Galina Alexandrovna Hatsrevin, who raised a lot of talented guys, who later became actors, directors, artists, film critics.

After high school, Anna entered the Theater School. Shchukin. There she proved to be a talented student. Her work in the diploma performances were so bright that at the end of the 1974 school before the newly-actress hospitably opened its doors just three metropolitan theaters.

Anna chose theater on Malaya Bronnaya, directed by Anatoly Efros. In the first six years she played there for fifteen roles, twelve of which were major. The theater on Malaya Bronnaya Kamenkova worked until 1992.

After working for eighteen years in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, the actress went to the entreprise. It cooperates with the "Benefit", "School of Modern Play" ... "Hana" with Kamenkova starring several years had full houses.


Return Kamenkova Anna in the movie took place after the end of the Shchukin School. She starred in the 1975 lyrical kinopovesti "Forest swing", and a year later Irina played in the drama "Spring Call".

The subsequent work in the melodrama Leonid Menaker "young wife" (Manya) brought the actress a real success. In 1979, at the XIII All-Union Festival in Dushanbe Anna Kamenkova awarded the prize for Best Actress. Later it was recognized as the best actress of the year.

From the first works in the film Anna Kamenkova was presenting a really tough demands on himself. Therefore, any of her roles, whether it is major or minor, remained in the memory of viewers. In this troubled actress is not only dramatic, character, and spiritual closeness heroines of her own attitude. Her characters are always attracted to strong, uncompromising.

One of the most notable works of Anna Kamenkova in the 80s was the role of the investigator Nechaeva in the film "The visit to the Minotaur", where she played brilliantly paired with outstanding actor Sergei Shakurov. And for the main role in the drama "Sofia Petrovna" actress was awarded the prize at the XIII All-Union Festival of TV films in Dushanbe.

In 90 years Anna Kamenkova shot a little. Among the rare works may be noted melodrama "Childhood Themes" and a detective "Circle doomed", published in the early `90s, as well as the role of the psychologist Anna psychological melodrama "Tests for Real Men" (1999).

But this year the actress often took part in the dubbing of foreign films. This Kamenkova tried to sound quality pictures. Her voice, for example, said Salma Hayek in "Frida." But in the Brazilian and Mexican soap operas Kamenkova it did not participate because of their low levels.

His musically enchanting voice actress is not just "gave" behind the scenes, and Russian colleagues: Irina Alferova, Elena Yakovleva Vera Glagoleva ... The recently released film "The Fall up" her voice sounds in the name of the heroine Eugenia Hook.

The actress

In the life of Anna Kamenkova as uncompromising as its heroine. In principle, avoiding the press, Kamenkova no hurry to pour out his soul, believing that there is nothing to say about the actress better than her role.

Anna Kamenkova married to director Anatoly Spivak. Her husband and son are the most stringent judges her work.