Anna Gristina

Picture of Anna Gristina

Age: 47

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The owner of the network of high-priced prostitutes

Having concluded an agreement with prosecutors, 44-year-old Briton Anna Gristina pleaded guilty in one episode of indulging in prostitution. She left the hall of the Supreme Court of New York in Manhattan (New York Supreme Court, Manhattan) in a good mood with a view of the winner, but not defeated. Judge Juan Mershan (Juan Merchan) Anna sentenced to 6 months` imprisonment.

However, prior to his release on bail, the accused has already spent four months in prison in the city prison Rikers Island (Rikers Island Prison), which showed its best side, so most likely it back will not return. The planned jury did not take place, nor was passed guilty verdict, which could bode condones prostitution madam 7 years in prison and compulsory deportation from the US after the release. Today at Gristiny have a real chance to stay in the United States, where she lived for the green card for 30 years.

Anna Gristina - exemplary mother of four children and a loving wife, who was engaged by the fact that pigs bred in the small town of Monroe in Orange County (Monroe, Orange). According to prosecutors, this did not prevent Gristine contain a public house in Manhattan and lead a network of expensive prostitutes, who for 15 years served properly wealthy clients. It is believed that the escort service did Anna heavier pocket 10 million. Dollars.

The representative of the prosecutor`s office (Charles Linehan) provided to the judge Mershanu only proof of guilt Gristiny beyond which began surveillance five years ago. Had sent to her policeman posed as a client named `Entoni` and was able to record its agreement on the meeting with the two prostitutes. Price issue worth 2 thousand dollars. He also managed to film the very scene of the meeting in a brothel, and the prosecutor`s office initially was happy mined evidence.

However, the lawyer of Anna, Norm Pattis (Norm Pattis), explaining the essence of video RAM, stated that it is clear only that a prostitute having sex with each other, while the `Entoni` it all looks. The lawyer explained that `Entoni`, in fact, ordered the legal striptease, but did not become a customer of illegal brothel.

The investigation further received intercepted telephone conversations Gristiny in which it shamelessly boasted that has ties and influence in the NYPD, the FBI, the Manhattan prosecutor`s office, customs, etc. When Anna was arrested, the investigator asked to put as collateral for its release of the amount of 2 million. Dollars, but later dropped the bar to the level of 250 thousand. Dollars. Thus, evidence of the involvement of law enforcement authorities to the brothel was not Gristiny found.

If it took a jury trial, as witnesses would be heard by three representatives of the oldest profession of the escort service Gristiny and its partner Business Janie Mae Baker (Jaynie Mae Baker). In the case also appeared accountant Jonas Geier (Jonas Gayer) come from Russia (Russia), which laundered money Gristiny and was ready to admit it.

The lawyer Norm Pattis, explaining why his client had agreed to go to the world, said that from a good proposal should not refuse. When Gristina walked out of the courthouse, was greeted warmly by her husband Kelvin (Kelvin) and three of her four children, she said that the prosecutor`s office got what we wanted, but she herself remained in the win.