Anna Breizh

Picture of Anna Breizh

Date of Birth: 01/25/1477

Age: 36

Place of birth: Nantes

Citizenship: France


Wife two shifts each other kings of France: Charles VIII and Louis XII, Anna was the most popular of the rulers of Brittany and the richest woman of his time in Europe. Last heir to his country by force of arms, she was forced to marry with the rulers of France, but was active independent policy (especially in the second husband) in order to avoid anneksiiBretani France.

According to the most well-established in the historiography point of view, Anne was intelligent, educated and discerning woman in politics, takes up most of his time running Brittany. From adolescence to the end of his short life, she did everything to make her country remained the most independent of the French crown, and not without success, odnakoobstoyatelstva eventually developed against it. In 1547 Breton duchy ceased formal independence.

Usually it depict blonde. One leg was shorter than the other Anna, causing lameness; to hide that she was wearing a short leg on a high heel, becoming the progenitor of orthopedic shoes at the court.

Anne of Brittany died January 9, 1514 in the castle of Blois. Her body was buried in the traditional burial of the kings and queens of France crypt of the Basilica of Saint-Denis, but on the will of her heart was delivered to his home in Nantes gold, decorated with enamel reliquary and placed March 19, 1514 in the Carmelite crypt next to the grave of her parents. Later it was transferred to Nantes Cathedral of St. Peter.