Anita Beaver

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

How to survive the betrayal of her husband, and to open your business?

After living for 18 months of marriage, the husband of Anita Beaver went for a walk on the side. Deceived and desolate, forgotten about Beaver least in the wine and food, driven by only one desire: to soothe his broken heart. The extra kilos due to improper diet and stress quickly deposited where they were most noticeable. Once slim Briton, vesivshaya not even 57 kg, doubled herself, so that the balance crossed the mark of 114 kg. Bursting into tears at the local store `Marks and Spencer` from the inability to choose for themselves the bra size, Beaver some point lit up the idea: if you can not buy the right bra, then do it yourself.

Anita started her own company Lovewand.co.uk, which began to manufacture large size lingerie. Business woman, married for the second time, 30-year-old Matt Price (Matt Price), which is now helping her affairs, says: `I really sank when I started to gain weight. I`ve always been quite slim, and for many years my size was 36. I had a flat stomach, and I`m not recovering even half a kilo. I was married a year and a half, and in 2005 my husband was having an affair with my podrugoy`. Just a few months before the Beaver heavily experienced the loss of his father, who died suddenly of a heart attack. The final blow was the death of Anita`s favorite dog. She says: `It was a really dark time. It was a terrible time in my life. Fortunately, today completely drugomu`.

Anita and Matt had known for a long time, in a neighbor. His marriage, too, has cracked, so divorced neighbors were well aware and supports each other. Soon the relationship grew into something more, and Matt and Anita were married in 2010, in the same church, where once married to her parents. Two years later the light had their first child, daughter Hannah (Hannah). Currently Beaver bears a son. Her ex-husband is still living with her ex-girlfriend, and quite close to Anita. She says: `We`ve been through it, and now there is no need to dwell on it in detail. I`m sure they`re happy, and I know that we are happy, and every one of us left it all behind. Had things differently, and I would not be so happy as seychas`.

As for the changes in her figure, Beaver said that the need to maintain confidence and take what you look like, instead of being hammered into a corner. She adds: `So much pressure exerted on women to address how they should look and what to be sized, and so many women kotoryeprosto try to hide the way they look, wearing baggy clothes or hiding under a blanket. But we say that you can be big and beautiful, especially in spalne`. Beaver still makes a small correction: `I would not mind to lose a little weight, but I`m not going back to the 36 size. I know so many women who endlessly sit on a diet, and it can simply absorb your zhizn`.

In addition to underwear and bras, Lovewand.co.uk company also sells sex toys and fetishes. The idea was formed to fill up the range after Beaver visited the exhibition of erotic goods, where she hinted that if you sell sexy underwear, why not sell sex toys.

`I am happy with who I am, and as long as my husband and children will be happy, I will also schastliva` - says Anita Beaver.