Andrey Poselskiy

Picture of Andrey Poselskiy

Date of birth: 31.03.1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born March 31, 1973 in Moscow.

In 1996 he graduated from the Russian State Open Technical University of Communications (RGOTUPS) on a specialty "Accounting, control and Ahd."

Since 1993, he worked as an accountant in the company "Business people", since 1996 - in the holding company "Ariston-Service."

Since 1997 was the first as an accountant for foreign exchange transactions, and then deputy chief accountant and manager of internal audit of the holding companies "Nikitin".

Since 2002, he served as senior expert group transformation of IFRS, senior specialist of the Department of Standardization of corporate financial reporting.

Since 2003 - leading specialist of the Department of the IFRS methodology of "SUAL-Holding", since 2006 - Acting Head of the Department of IFRS.

From July 2007 - Head of the Corporate Reporting Department of Methodology Group LLC "Prof-Media Management".

Since 2007 - Member of the National Council for Financial Reporting Standards Foundation NAS.