Andrey Petelin

Picture of Andrey Petelin

Date of Birth: 11/20/1970

Age: 45

Citizenship: Russia


Andrey Yuryevich Petelin - a wonderful man, in his early years has come a long way. His life is not rich for years, but eventful. Sport, military service, education, business, social activities and family - that`s the stages of this long journey. And everywhere emusoputstvoval success. Of course, he was not given easily. But the talent, hard work, sober mind, persistence in achieving goals - these are the components of this success. Andrey Yuryevich always comes to the aid of their friends and family, he is the person who forgets himself when he needed support. Through his participation embodied in the life of many good and useful initiatives aimed at serving people and his country. All who know Andrei Yurevich, believe that this is only the beginning. And that in the future it is their actions will serve as an example for all Russians.

Some time ago, I led the State Unitary Enterprise "Orion", which is the general contractor for the Moscow city-wide program of construction of prefabricated elevated pedestrian retail and service transitions.