Andrey Panin

Picture of Andrey Panin

Date of Birth: 05/28/1962

Age: 50

Birthplace: Novosibirsk

Citizenship: Russia


Andrei Panin was born in Novosibirsk. Two years later the family moved to Chelyabinsk. Then, when Andrew was six years old - in Kemerovo, where he lived for sixteen years. In Kemerovo he graduated from the Institute of Culture and nearly finished Food Institute. For some time he worked in the theater Minusinsk. In 1991 he graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School, class of A. Kalyagin and became an actor MAT Chekhov. He is married to actress Theater, Natalia Rogozhkina. Among his stage works - "Three Sisters" (Salty), "The Miserly Knight", "Marriage", "Death Defying Acts" antrepriznyh setting "Winter". Busy in theater productions under the direction of Oleg Tabakova.Odnu of the first roles in the movie Andrei Panin played in the movie "On the line". Famous actor acquired through the paintings, "Mama, Do not Cry" Maxim Pezhemskii, "Mom" Denis Evstigneev. Popularity Panin also contributed to the success of the television series "Kamenskaya". In 2000, Andrei Panin played in the films "The Wedding" and Paul Lugnina "Offending Women is Not recommended" Valery Ahadova, as well as in the blockbuster Alexander Atanesyan "24 hours" .Zasluzhenny Artist of Russia (1999) .For the film "Wedding" won the prize for the best Supporting Actor at the festival "Golden Ram".

Actor`s work:

1. Direct - 1992 ()

2. Harvest Moon - 1997 (a mystery novel)

3. Mama, Do not Cry - 1998 (Criminal comedy)

4. Wedding - 1999 (Tragicomedy)

5. Mom - 1999 (Crime Story)

6. Kamensky. Coincidence - 1999 (Detective)

7. Instead of me - 2000 (The dramatic story)

8. Kamensky. Alien mask - 2000 (Detective)

9. Tender Age -2000 (Drama)

10. Artist and master images - 2000 (comedy)

11. Women are not recommended to offend - 2000 (Melodrama)

12. 24 hours - 2000 (Action)

13. Border. Taiga novel - 2001 (series)

14. The Fifth Corner - 2001 (series)

15. Birthday Bourgeois 2 - 2001 (Detective)

16. Poisons or the World History of Poisoning - 2001 (comedy)

17. Life is Full of Fun - 2001 (Tragicomedy)

18. Family Secrets - 2001 (series)

19. Spartak and Kalashnikov - 2002 (Adventure)

20. Gang - 2002 (series)

21. Chic - 2002 (Drama)