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Date of Birth: 08/03/1941

Age: 46

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

gift for women

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The Early Years

Andrei Mironov was born in Moscow, 7 (8) in March 1941, in a family of entertainers Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker. His father was a famous performer of musical feuilletons, and also engaged in directing. His mother worked in the theater and contemporary miniatures national music hall. In fact, the future actor was born on March 7, but the parents decided to record on the birth certificate 8th of March. Like, let it be a gift for women. And so it happened - rarely what woman could resist the charm of the actor.

Since the beginning of the war theater, where she worked Maria Mironova, were evacuated to Tashkent, and the whole family moved to Uzbekistan. There Andrei ill tropical dysentery. Only thanks to the help of his wife pilot Gromov future actor was able to save. In 1948, Mironov went to the first class of the Moscow school. He still was listed under the name Menaker. When in 1950 began the so-called `business vrachey`, relatives persuaded the parents to change the name of his son. So he became Andrei Mironov.

Andrew grew up a normal kid: loved ice cream, collect badges, ran to watch the movie and drove in football. At school I studied well, but did not like the sciences. The only thing that distinguishes it from other guys - it`s cleanliness, which has become a feature of his character for life. Because of her, by the way, never took its first debut in the cinema. In 1952, for the film `Sadko` took several children. Andrew was supposed to play the poor, but because of its cleanliness put on sackcloth over his torn T-shirt with fashionable buckles. When the director saw it, I picked up the scandal and drove a small Mironov from the set.

Start a career

In 1958, Mironov graduated from high school and enrolled at the Shchukin School. Exams passed it the first time, and this despite the fact that the Commission did not know that he was the son of the actor. He enrolled in the course, which was led by the director and teacher Joseph Rapoport. Andrew does not shine the talent, but he was very diligent. His classmate, Mikhail Vorontsov recalled that Mironov was very hard working and dreaming of honors. If on any exam he put four, he immediately went to retake. He also stood out for its accuracy - always clean, neat, in ironed clothes and smelling of cologne. Home from school he came back, usually by taxi.

Mironov`s debut in cinema was the film `And if this is love? `(1961) directed by Julia Reisman. And even though the role was small, Andrew played it pretty well. In 1962 he graduated from college and got a job in the Satire Theatre under the direction of Valentin Pluchek. His roles in `24 hours a sutki`,` Damocles mech`, Klop` `` Female monastyr` secured him fame of a talented actor and made popular in a theatrical environment. But Mironov more thought about the movie. Despite the successful debut, the directors were in no hurry to give it a major role. The film `Three plus dva` (1963) he sygralhot and considerable, but invisible role.

All-Union fame

A truly reveal their talent Andrei Mironov was possible thanks to Eldar Ryazanov. In 1966, the director invited Andrew to play hangman Dima Semitsvetova in his film `Beware avtomobilya`. The film was a great success, making Mironov incredibly popular. Critics have called his game one of the best in the film.

After a series of minor roles Mironov starred in the comedy `ruka` Diamond (1968) and immortalized his name. The role of the bandit Gennady Kozodoeva made a favorite actor. Incidentally, in this film, he made his debut as a singer. Initially Gaidai was not going to be included in the movie song `nevezeniya` Island, but due to the persuasion of Yuri Nikulin all agreed. Since then, the actor became a regular performing songs in the movies.

In 1971 he married Catherine Mironov Gradova, actress Theater of Satire. Their marriage, despite the birth of his daughter Masha, did not last long. Since 1974, they have ceased to live together, and two years later formalized divorce. Meanwhile, the actor`s popularity grew rapidly. Particularly successful was its role in the comedy `Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia` (1973), which became a box-office leader, gathered at the screens of almost 50 million viewers. Mironov immediately given the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

In 1974, the actor met with Larisa Golubkina. Soon they were married, and Masha Mironov adopt a girl from her pervogobraka. Both daughters went on his way, becoming a well-known film actress.

Needless to say that Andrei Mironov has become hostage to the image. He always offered comedy or musical role, but he wanted more. The actor felt that the producers did not use its full potential. Once he admitted that he was very sad that audiences consider it the highest achievement of the film `Diamond ruka`. Mironov was bitter, but he could do nothing. He wanted to withdraw Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Tarkovsky, but the directors did not see it `svoego` actor.

In the 80 years Mironov was seriously ill. Yet in 1978 he had his first brain hemorrhage. Then, the body began to appear boils. After long suffering actor agreed to dangerous operation. He removed several lymph nodes, where there was a chronic infection. His condition improved slightly, but the disease still made itself felt. Despite the difficult state of health, Mironov to the end of his days playing in the theater and cinema.

August 14, 1987 Mironov, who was on the stage of the Opera House in Riga, suddenly became ill. Doctors have two days of fighting for the life of an actor, but could not be saved. Andrei Mironov has died as a result of a brain haemorrhage on 16 August.

Many fellow actor admitted that Andrew was the best of them. And it became more and more obvious every year. Intelligent, educated, witty and surprisingly light person who loves the whole country.

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