Andrey Merzlikin

Picture of Andrey Merzlikin

Date of Birth: 03/24/1973

Age: 43

Place of Birth: Queens

Citizenship: Russia

Actor - thankless job

Author: Arina Grevtsova

Website: Celebrities

- Andrew, you learn a lot, the first generation of space engineering radio engineer, the second - degree in economics and, of course, the third - the acting department VGIK. Remember that you have read on the entrance exams VGIK?

Of course. I read and Block Esenina. I read an excerpt from "Dead Souls" by Gogol. Mikhalkov was a fable, oddly enough. It is not profitable to read Mikhalkov, but I just read it. Look like that`s it. I had a lot of poems and prose was one.

- In one of your interviews you said that you have read Zadornov.

It was a funny incident. When I did, I did not know what to read and what is fiction in general had no idea. I knew that there was a monologue, dialogue and prose, I thought it was a strange thing. What - the magazine found monologue Zadornov, thought, and took it. He came to his first life in listening and reading Zadornov, could not understand why everyone is laughing wildly. I thought, maybe funny read. And they laughed, because it was ridiculous compared to world classics. I even now can not remember what the story was Zadornov since learned he was especially at a time. Then I was put into place, said the young man you should refer to the more simple to authors such as Gogol, Dostoevsky, why so difficult (laughs).

- But you did not immediately began to study were first volunteer.

I was a squatter. I was not invited, even as the irregular student, I was banished. I do not know how - it is not clear under what circumstances, simply decided to walk to school, in spite of prohibitions. Then, thanks to apparently fate, was seen by teachers and left.

- And as a child, I dreamed about? Clearly not on the actor`s profession.

Maybe it`s better that I did not know at the time of the existence of the acting profession. Especially never dreamed of anything, there was something like that. I liked to get involved in something that at that time it was very interesting, and those engaged in it.

- And now what hobbies?

I have two cameras and I am madly in love doing photography. At home I have a number of little album, which may I ever do an exhibition with his friends and call her "pictures of their friends."

- That`s just asking you: XXX "Tell us about your passion for photography." Let us more about this.

Well, more? You take the camera and take pictures. It would be nice to see something interesting. Wildlife Photography I do not, there are people who can walk the one frame of six months. I love this way to take and find interesting in all that is really happening. I madly love working with the composition, catch the right angle or link once correctly. That`s what I love most. As it turns out, in which - the rare case, that of a very simple situation turns out a wonderful picture. When you purchase a digital camera I felt better and increased desire to press often. Earlier I counted every shot and thought that it must verify, print, and suddenly it is nonsense. It was expensive and uninteresting. Now you can all realize the rapidity with your camera, as he allows it. Here I click, do not need to wash, then on a computer arranged in any folder, giving different names. I got something to show you.

- A computer is still in use?

Yes, but I do not have internet. Just do not have a dedicated connection, and the phone does not go too slow to load, so we do not set until the Internet.

Kate: Have you ever - ever visited a website?

Only once, in the beginning, when I was asked to see what he looks like, and take it. I looked up, I think, well, it is true, I especially do not understand this. While all so cool and colorfully decorated, and all did a wonderful man Julia. I`m insanely grateful to her. She gave me his birthday, it was doubly pleased. Now Julia monitors and cares for the site, it pours. We talk on the phone, she was constantly interested in my news that everything was updated. I help her in every way, not referring to himself as some kind of boring, I share all the news, and if you need some photos, happy downloading to disk and send. But not all, of course, to two or three pictures were for me.

- And why not all?

Many because why? Now I went to Fort Boyard. He brought one hundred and fifty pictures and I think a few gifts on the site.

- There were a lot of interesting things for the time spent at Fort Boyard?

Insanely much. If everyone thinks it`s a game, I can assure this is not so. In fact, the Fort - it`s a tough test that connects people who a minute after the start of the game start to regret that they got there. And all dream about, that "soon it would be all over." And at the same time, the Fort is childish joy. When you overcome yourself and try to do what is in your power it seems impossible. This is an amazing place, where it is possible to become again children, similar to some summer camp, with some summer lightning. At least, the lost and age categories and positions and ranks. There are just names and joy for what you have done or not done, then the discussion at the end of the day. And at the end of the project we sat and reminisced: "Do you remember that, and that?". It was very funny. Exchanged phone numbers, in general, it`s a real summer camp. It seems that there is a kind of coalition of people who have been there. I think it is not more than one hundred fifty people for all stay on the Russian Forte. It`s insanely small share in all big city and, therefore, are added some club sensation, as if the people united by the same "blood group", those who were there and those who have not been there. Those who were, understand each other, as there are a number of words and concepts that will be on some level understandable slang small number of people. This is the name of various tests that will bring a smile or irony. There were many funny and anecdotal cases of overlays. it was a very hard game for me, the only thing that saved - a sense of humor. Only it and forced to play further. I was able to play three games, two of which it is a semi-final and final. it was very difficult for me, it was hard to play (laughs). Put it this way: "Not all succeeded, but it was fun." I put on the catapult on Fort Boyard, and I saw it all from a height, incredible sensations experienced. Hovered over the Fort and the ocean, and thought with only what I need to see a plate with a four-digit number, or if I land and I see her, I can not go back to Russia, I will be dishonored (laughs). I`m wildly happy when I did it. Plus, it is necessary to recognize that it`s exotic, yet the west coast of France, the Atlantic Ocean, the structure in the midst of the sea. Fort Sam indescribable spectacle. All tides during the day, when the bottom is exposed or when the ocean is surging vice versa. Varied Seafood, the so-called. Oysters and mussels there we overeat. I became acquainted with very interesting people. Came motley, no offense to say, the public. Different trades people, of course, most artists, I was glad to see, and finally had the opportunity to meet them and make friends. It was fun and great. Now all the talk on the phone and think, when we meet in Moscow. I hope that after all this will happen in the near future, just now all "suffer" lack of time.

- Tell us about your participation in a new film project.

This feature film called "Starley, the victory and the spring", starring Andrew Kuzichev, Vic Tolstoganova and "your humble servant." I will not be able to transfer scenario, even to talk about what the painting itself. This kind of fantasy film director and author of the script, it is one and the same person Ilya Rubinstein, is his debut work. But I can say that it would be very interesting to the modern romance with a great sense of humor. Like every line of the script. This is very interesting work and I strongly feel and look forward to its release, very interesting, that`s all the same work. Even ahead of the work on all the expected continuation, although it can not be called a continuation. More precisely a project "B2". Rather it will be called differently, but filming will be tentatively called "Boomer 2".

- You will take part in the "B2"?

Partly. Saying nothing would be desirable, it should be interesting. Although it is not a secret, but I myself do not know the extent of their participation in this project. I can say one thing, the audience is waiting for "something" is not what it involves.

Natalia: I know that every part of you is very important in life. You very well get used to the role of their characters. Did you miss on some roles played?

Yes, I miss, but that boredom is not barren. There are characters that have sunk in and I often use them in a particular role. Here I can say to yourself, let me then I will a little Khomenko. I was madly in my own role in the TV series "Station", here this militsionerchika Khomenko. It is something good and gave me a light, it is something good to wake me for four months, and even dare to hope that it remains. Just not yet released a television project called "cadets". In Me there will be character and a sergeant Panosyuk me crazy wondering what happened. This character is me, too, in the soul of the fuse. He was like a mask inside of me, that I too may someday will use another picture as the quote, and the audience learns and say: "Here he took a little of the sergeant Panosyuka, and here from Khomenko." These are the things sank, and I use them, it`s not a rip-off of another, and their own memories. I do it not because there is nothing else to think of a way, in the present, with all my heart.

- And by "scalded" nothing left?

After all, this image was created explicitly as a human mask. "Scalded" was likely prizhityh image. I had to at some point to try the lifestyle proposed by the director. I did not realize until now how to make this film as it removed. So she did not remain at the level of the acquired reflexes acting. But there is a thing that has remained - a much heightened sense of truth. And the fact that the director was trying to get there, this level of truthfulness and six months of work, it has not gone without a trace, and began at the level of the acquired reflex. Now it`s hard to see when someone is lying or not it as much as he can, and here comes my insistence to himself and someone close.

Natalya: When you play in a theater or a movie, you are trying to add to his character part of himself? Or you play strictly by the script?

Theatre and cinema - this field of activity are different in degree production, but similar in the degree of impact. Theatre - is a Rolled thing when you play a play, then you can always improve yourself. There is still such a moment, as the acquisition of the role it has assigned you and it becomes more free and born for yourself some new things. In the movie, you do it once, you have only two or three rehearsals, and sometimes they do not happen. And God forbid, that is, the second - the third double, and you can fix everything. In the theater, there is another opportunity to rehearse again in the play change.

- And where do you like to work in theater or cinema?

Equally proportionally like everywhere. Well, when you are engaged in parallel and both. It does not feel on edge, you have a change of creative expression. This stabilizes. Especially it stabilizes when it is fun, if something happened. That succeeded in the theater, you come to the set with a wild desire to work on, as well, on the contrary that something did not work, you come sad. One`s just helping.

Andrew: The ratio of the main characters in the play "It is the absence of love and death" You close? Speaking the language associations and barely distinguishable sentiment is possible in your life?

In fact there is nothing new in this conversation associations, we all talk. Listen to each other, no one has ever, in practice, it does not say aloud what he was thinking. As a rule, it is even one of the tools that the actor uses when the structure of the role. Reading the role, you can not believe the words that are pronounced character. People almost always do not say what they think. We must look at what the character does. And from a start in the knowledge of this hero. Are important things that we do, not what we say. Man lying. Remember Dmitry scalded (laughs). So here, language associations, he is naturally accustomed. It was difficult, because it is not verbose role. When I read the play "It is the absence of love," I was scared, did not know how to play it. There was virtually no text. Six pages of text and Puany exactly one line for me. I sat there and thought, what do I do all the rest of the time: to listen, be silent, do not want to listen? That was difficult, we sat and solved these issues with the director, with his partner Olga.

- You say that people are lying. I hope you are now telling the truth?

I mean, I do not lie, and do not always say what they think. Many people confuse these concepts. Any words spoken aloud - a lie. The man never means what he says. Words each have different meanings. I can not hear that about the film Boomer say it about gangsters. I want to say: I am sorry that you have not seen the film. If you have not seen, let me take you to the story about this movie. The second time I just will not answer this question. Now, you can also say, in principle, I am giving this interview and answer questions. The answer is the way I would like to answer them. And what I really think? Well if it is approximated to the truth, and I am at the moment of candor and sincerity. But as a rule, people still said that he would like to say. And there is nothing to be ashamed of - it`s human nature. Just do not all admit it, even to themselves. Another thing is that I have the truth, upright and sincere man. I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If I would have been ashamed, I would hide something and would not have talked so freely on the matter.

Ian: How do you feel about your fans?

In what sense am? I am happy as an artist, what they are. It can not but rejoice. That`s where I`d be lying if I said something else. And I would say: here you hypocrite (laughs). When I say that on the website a lot of good reviews, it is balm for the soul, and that helps me to work. It`s an actor`s profession, she publicly. And coquetry, when the actor was lying or telling the spectator that he does not care. This is not something that would be fundamental to the profession, but it is what gives the catalyst a man, a good actor makes success. I am very happy when I go on stage and understand that I may disappoint someone, if something bad will. Good, good viewer who loves you, really helps. And if they are not too bad and hard.

Ian: There are there moments when you feel that you are tired of the fans attention (for example, leaving the theater after the show)?

To me there is no such right too much attention. I negruppa Beatles and Jura rods. I have a very modest viewer who walks in our small theater, in which very few people comes or arrives. I am very grateful to those who have reached at this later time. Because to get to the University at ten o`clock in the evening on the other end of Moscow, I think it can make not everyone. When he arrived and then gets like this, and came second - for the third time I am such a person sincerely want to shake his hand and say thank you for what you like, and you come and pass word of mouth to other people and bring them to us. We have three years to accrete the spectator. And our theater can safely say we have the spectator who goes to us, albeit at some of his favorite performances or their favorite artists. But he goes, and this is most important. And how can I not enjoy it or talk after the show to people who come from? I`m not a pop singer who can not communicate after his concert with eight thousand (laughs). Not so many people who are waiting for after the show. Therefore, all happy and all love. Insanely nice when people communicate and do some things after that do not want to communicate. All people sane and intelligent, able to communicate properly. They understand what the theater that is a person working in the theater, who is the audience. All very cool. And it pleases, that it is this audience comes to me on the show and communicate with me. It would be worse if some other manifestations were. And there may be no worse, I just do not know them yet.

Ian: How do you feel about the gifts from fans?

Good gifts - flowers. When I first got my flowers, they are from friends. But when I first received a bouquet from a stranger, that is a state I remember, it was so cool. It was very unexpected, and I could not believe that the man went, he gave the money and bought doroguschy bouquet and gave it to me! Houses there are flowers and delight. Always very nice. There are personal gifts, but there is nothing wrong with that. I am pleased to. At home I have a collection of small furry toys.

- And there was a gift that made the greatest impression?

I will not say from whom. I was given a product made with his own hands made of ceramics, a certain scene with flowers, with some props. It is hard to describe. I understand that the person who did it, he gave a part of himself, creating the composition. I later learned that it was a difficult man, he is an artist, manifesting itself in the fine art world, in its various manifestations and doing it professionally. It has its exhibitions. I do not want to disclose the names, just now, this artist, came to the show and saw something familiar in my work and decided to share his. This exchange of a person engaged in the work of the other. If auras touch, as I understand, people just share it. That was a very nice gift, he is in my house, in a prominent place. This gift dear to the heart. Sometimes that gave and expensive things. But that gave - it does not matter.

- And you memorize the faces of people presenting flowers and gifts?

Of course. There are familiar faces, immodestly will be said that the fifteenth time already come to the show, and I know them. After the play are not surprised at the sight of each other (laughs).

Olga L .: What are the films you grew up that left a trace in the memory?

In our Soviet, on TV. Time ripe youthful age vypopalo on Indian cinema. With singing, dancing and most importantly with fights. Plus, any Soviet classics on TV with your favorite artists. Such as Evstigneev, Mironov, Burkov, Bulls. "I go to fight some old people" - that these films are close to me. When I was a young left picture "Once in America" ??and "The Godfather." Then I just had such a boy, in whose mind it was to close.

- What kind of preferences in music?

Music changes with time. The different music can be like during the day. It all depends on the mood I`m in this very volatile. I am not an adherent of one direction, and the most likely supporter of something good. I can listen to jazz, classical and at the same time some very heavy things. Sometimes you need complex and heavy group, which, on the contrary, awaken in me the necessary things for me.

Jan: What kind of women do you like?

The question, of course, absurd. And the answer to it can be absurd or flirting, or to speak some banal things. If you like it in my heart, and the heart has to man, and such like. And if we mean to go on, if you enter the relationship, it is quite an intimate question and I think it is not correct. All that is connected with love or love has nothing to do with the word "like." I like the painting in the museum. A woman - it`s not a horse in a stall, like it or not, but something completely different (laughs).

Alla: What you want to see your family?

I do not know what I want to see my family. However, I do not know. I want happy, here is already possible to say banal, because these things are holy. I would not want to stumble. It would be better as a movie, to once and for all. After all, what we do, requires human intervention, I would not be able to make parallel cast lifestyle, if he was not an actor. For me personally it`s hard, I know someone who would be next. First - it is experiencing, and secondly all kinds of thoughts. This should be a strong confidence, plus assistance. And not always the nerves in order, as any person in any profession. Somehow ask such questions is people engaged in a public profession. I would gladly asked the same question a carpenter or a locksmith, and would get exactly the same answer. We are all hard, and everyone needs a good second half, which is simply to help, and you have to help her. I think that the second half is to do something his own, and that she was interested in you as a help, just as you`re in it. Then it will be some parallel move forward, rather than perpendicular, when someone from someone independent. That is the way the joint in a certain direction, God forbid that it was one direction. So vague and hazy it seems to me, I imagine.

Ver. S. Yakovenko: What is your favorite Solitaire: Klondike and Spider?

Both. The morning I can start, so I`m going to first turn on the kettle and the computer, and then take a shower, then laid out with a cup of coffee first "Solitaire" and then "Spider." Instead, some of the newspaper the morning I start like this. Although this is similar to some disease, I agree (laughs).

- Why is the disease? It`s more like a hobby.

I do not know. I just do not do anything else in the morning at leisure. Either I do a photo or play these games.

Alla: I`m sure that many theaters would have a staff of such a cool actor! It was the proposals and why you would be able to leave your home theater?

The proposal was not about to leave not even a thought. Although the thought, but I do not intend to leave. Each theater has its artists, about whom we can say the same. I am pleased to hear that since Alla says about me. I do not consider myself to be an artist or good or bad, just not think about it. And it is, thank God, that I do not reflect. The benefit in the work - this is not rewarding thing is sometimes to no good arguments. And intuitively think where I would like to work with? There is such a thing, "who would like to work." Most likely not in any theater, but with a kind of director. I would like to have some kind of director to learn, to work with a man who, maybe you learned something and have made you a good artist. These filmmakers have, I just will not mention the names of good and well-known, directors, I think they already know. I do not want to flirt with them through the press. Suddenly someone will read it and think that I make a statement for certain directors. I`m just talking about the nature of thought, and they are. I am satisfied with the theater, where I work, because I have a job and the team. This is very important at this time. I have an interesting offer. I`m going to work with the great English director Donavanom Depp, who has put in our famous productions such as Twelfth Night, with a star cast and Boris Godunov Zhenya Mironov. These performances simply a work of art. And I had the privilege to get to him on trial, he invited me to the role of salt in the production of "Three Sisters", he will be put in Moscow, and will premiere in Paris. For something alternative is. I can not say I stayed too long or standing in one place. There is where to work. Therefore, issues such as "change", "share", "seek profit" ... I repeat, not rewarding case.

Olga: Every actor has a role he wants to play. Do you have this and that for this role?

We artists have no concept of "roles that he would like to play," and if more accurate to say, "the role that he would like to have time to play." Artists - is a growing entity. And there is a role that has never played. I would like to play a wide range of roles, but not the fact that he will be offered. Now there is a certain Creasy with in the film, from which we will, however, try to get out. But there is no such, so that we can choose or to dream about something. I do not have a classical ideas that I wanted to play Hamlet, I`ll lie in it. When I did not know that I will learn from the artist, about fifteen years, I read a book about the "Genghis Khan". I am extremely fired up this character. After a while, thinking about it, the dream began to live in me. It may, of course, I should not have said it, because talking about this for the first time. A real dream one does not express out loud, afraid to jinx it. But I have already said, and the words will not return back. Although, I think, do not be afraid, because it is really a dream. God forbid someone would hear and think about it. Time`s still there, "Genghis Khan" was a middle-aged man. I was even a bit early to play it, although it would be very interesting to try. I think, with God`s help, everything should work out or let it remain on the dream level, which is also good.

Olga: After suddenly fallen down in popularity after the release of "Boomer", not whether you have symptoms of the "star disease"?

Honestly, I do not fall down, and there was no disease.

- The streets know?

Sometimes they learn, and sometimes not. Probably, and I can not imagine that Dima "scalded" may be near. People who know me, always asking the question, where is my "Boomer" to which the answer is always "under repair". And to the question "what I now have a car?" I do not answer from other motives. There are funny and absurd moments of recognition. But I repeat once again, I`m not John Lennon, to talk about the popularity fell down.

Olga: Where would you like to visit most?

On another continent. I once visited South Africa. This trip is very much shifted my mind and opened more advanced idea of ??the planet, where I live. I would like to continue the experience of knowing the world. Madly I want to go to South America, Australia and perhaps in Antarctica. But this is a dream to an extreme level. I certainly love to travel. In my opinion, the best show invented by man - a cinema and travel.

Max: How (outside of work), fill life with bright feelings?

Meeting with friends, the truth is rarely succeed. When there is free time, I use it not something to sleep, and to meet with loved ones. And you can read or sleep on the train when traveling, or at the hotel.

Jack: What are you reading now?

I with a "Hero of Our Time" Lermontov. I read this book now, it is very interesting and it has all the answers to the movie "Boomer." It may sound like an advertisement, but a person who will take this book and read the preface, will find in it perfect epigraph for the movie "Boomer." And there will be after reading the question arises, who is the hero of our time.

- And when you meet with friends, spending time as usual?

We have fun and enjoy the meeting. Usually we leave the city and fry kebabs. It`s summer and have the opportunity to go swimming. I do not like to sit in a closed cafe and spend time with the waiter. In such circumstances, I can not feel free. Even I go to my beloved parents to the country. There is a sauna, which my father had built. It turns out very rarely go to the movies, but for me this campaign is also recreation. Watching a movie on the big screen, I rest, which would not be a movie. Of course, the main thing that is not entirely a bad picture. Just recently I saw a picture of Russian production. I will not say the name, you do not want to offend colleagues. This amazing book and how you can deliberately kill a good project. We not accidentally spoiled, and took and deliberately killed. It is like the "Kill Bill 1,2". I was delighted with the fireworks, which Tarantino gives to the audience as he juggles all the quotations of world cinema. "Driver for Vera" - this picture made a deep impression, hit straight to the heart. It should be set at the Oscars. Although, I am madly in love Mashkov, I really liked the "thief", but the film is called "Driver for Vera" - this is my absolute respect for all categories. You can praise and artists and made awesome camera work. Plus the one directing the ease which Chukhray deceiving me as a viewer and playing, and at the end of the picture just destroys. I would like to say that wins and is a director who gives odds to all young beginners, and the bar, how to work and in which direction to move. I am glad that there are such films. They can show the viewer that the film - is an art, not a way to realize their business goals.

- Podmoskovnie roots still pull from the big city?

To say that the draw, anyway, that lie. The only thing that really pulls - these are my parents. I go there twice a year, it can even be called a visit. Once I was invited to the school for the reunion, as well as business travelers to the parents and make sure Christmas in Temple. All my close friends had moved to Moscow, and we meet here. And in the suburbs nothing else holds as it is not sad.

- And in Moscow have a favorite place?

There is a favorite area - the Sparrow Hills. Because there is a theater, where I live and studio Mosfilm nearby. Here I ride a bike and ski. All fits in one small area of ??the Sparrow Hills, which has a beginning and an end, between the University and the metro station Kiev. In the center, I am very rarely. If I leave, at the meeting, such as it is today.

Finally I want to express my gratitude to everyone who asked questions. Many thanks to all who apply and writes on the site. I want everyone to know, I did not have a chance to read all the messages sent, but I pass them in printed form. Thank you all for the kind words they gave me a real need. Put it this way, people can not imagine how I need their support. Therefore, every individual and all together a big heartfelt thanks. All hug, kiss and see you on the stage or screen.