Andrey Kostrichkin

Picture of Andrey Kostrichkin

Date of Birth: 08/24/1901

Age: 71

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

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Andrei Kostrichkin. The pupil Factory eccentric actor, one of the first Honored Artist of the RSFSR, playing the main roles in silent films,,,.

The workshop gathered G.Kozintsev and L.Trauberg, Gerasimov and O.Zhakov, E.Kuzmina and Ya.Zheymo. Fax`s primarily focused on the search for his own cinematic expression, and they were looking for it in the so-called genres - eccentric, mime, clowning, circus, on the stage, in the booths. They denied the theatrical tradition in cinematography and avoid disclosure of psychological characters of his films.

Andrew Kostrichkin - one of the best pupils of the workshop - was incredibly plastic. His transfiguration on the set were instant and dramatic. Short, thin, comic, pantomime, he could at the same time portraying a slender bullfighter and a furious bull. His best role not only of the period, but also throughout life in general was the role of Akaky in. The great French mime Marcel Marceau, inspired by this film,

even he created his own pantomime on Gogol.

Subsequently success Kostrichkin spawned imitative tape in which the actor had somehow vary the way miserable. It was Chuchugin (), Jan Knukke () Birman (), Ivanov () ().

The sound film Andrei Kostrichkin played exclusively episodes. His actor`s personality grotesque plan came just in time for the silent cinema. But under the new conditions, he brings to movies is something born in feksovskoy school. Suffice it to recall the houses in.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1934).

In 1926 he graduated from kinomasterskuyu FEKS and Institute of Arts in Leningrad. In 1938-1941 he was the actor of the Leningrad Youth Theater. Since 1942 - an actor of the besieged theater (then - Drama Theatre named Komissarzhevskaya).