Andrey Kolmogorov

Picture of Andrey Kolmogorov

Date of Birth: 04/25/1903

Age: 84

Birthplace: Tambov

Citizenship: Russia


Born April 25, 1903 in Tambov. In 1910-1920 he studied at the gymnasium in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow State University (1925) and graduate (1929), worked as a senior research fellow at the Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Moscow University (in 1933-1939 and in 1951-1953 - its director). In 1930-1931 for nine months on probation in the universities of Gottingen, Munich and Paris, where he met with many famous mathematicians (R.Kurantom, Weyl, Hilbert, P.Levi et al.). Since 1931 - Professor of the Moscow State University. From 1954 to 1956, then from 1978 to the day of his death - head of the Department of Mathematics, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University, from 1954 to 1956 - the dean of the faculty. In 1939 he elected a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He was a foreign member of many scientific societies in different countries; He has received numerous awards and distinctions. Kolmogorov died in Moscow on 20 October 1987.

Kolmogorov - one of the greatest mathematicians of his time, the author of fundamental works in various areas of mathematics and classical mechanics. His first study concerned with the theory of functions of a real variable; it owns the work on trigonometric series, measure theory, set theory, the theory of integrals, approximation theory. He made a significant contribution to the construction of symbolic logic, topology, theory of composite functions, the theory of differential equations and functional analysis. Known for his work on the creation of ergodic theory, theory of turbulence, diffusion, building models of population dynamics. But the most significant achievement of the Kolmogorov began his research in the field of probability theory, which he (together with A.Ya.Hinchinym) first applied the methods of the theory of functions of a real variable (from 1925), which made it possible to build a system of axiomatic foundations of probability theory (1933). Kolmogorov Proceedings on limit theorems, the general theory of random processes and the theory of Markov processes continue to play an important role in the modern theory of probability. His work Basic concepts of probability theory (1933) is widely regarded as a classic. Kolmogorov made a significant contribution to the development of information theory, automata theory, and the theory of algorithms. He is the author of research on the theory of firing, application of mathematical methods in biology and mathematical linguistics. Using the theory of probability, Kolmogorovrazrabotal powerful method for monitoring on the basis of random events to build forecasts. This method was used to solve a wide range of problems such as the problem of the landing of the aircraft on the deck of an aircraft carrier at sea, which is reduced to the calculation of the most probable location of the aircraft carrier at a given time.

Being a talented teacher and organizer, Kolmogorov paid great attention to the teaching of mathematics in secondary and high schools. He wrote textbooks and numerous scientific and popular articles, he was the initiator of creation of physical and mathematical journal for young people "Quantum". Many students Kolmogorov became prominent scientists in various fields of mathematics, among them - Mr Arnold, IM Gelfand, M.D.Millionschikov, Yu.V.Prohorov and others.