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Case Gilevich Andrew was one of the biggest in Russia at the beginning of the XX century. But he did not become famous for the number of dead and unusual crime (for its time). Then he went in his footsteps to many, but he was a pioneer in Russia.

It began with the fact that the October 3, 1909 a dead body was found in St. Petersburg cheap hotel rooms. All parts of the body on which it can be identified, were absent or mutilated: scalp, ears cut off, etc. When you find documents murdered engineer name Gilevich rather provided person... However, the police was alerted that the documents were too visible. However, who came to the identification of the dead man`s brother, Konstantin Gilewicz dispelled all doubts. He showed that it is indeed his brother and that he had learned his birthmark on his right shoulder.

Some time later, a brother Gilevich presented four insurance companies insurance policies to receive a total amount of 300 thousand rubles. Not asleep, and detectives. They very soon found that the victim - not Gilewicz and lonely provincial student Paul Prilutsky (according to other sources - Podlutsky), who came to the capital in search of better lives. With Gilewicz Prilutsky met, in response to a newspaper ad that gave the engineer. The student was hired to his secretaries, but as secretary, as we know, not for long.

When the police investigation of the case was confused by the fact that the dead man`s clothing and shoes do not fit together. Outdoor clothing was sewn at one of Moscow`s best tailors and shoes were the product as we would say today, consumer goods. Indeed, a careful study of the boot helped eventually establish the true identity of the dead man.

About the killer, there are two versions. The first is as follows. As part of the insurance money was paid Gilevich brother Constantine, criminals are no longer cautious. Andrew was hiding in Paris, I went to carouse in Monte Carlo. There, playing roulette and cards, he squandered a large sum, and sent a telegram to his brother to St. Petersburg, and a request to send 5 thousand rubles. Case "killed" the engineer Gilevich was known throughout the Russian reading and telegraph operator, who took the telegram, drew attention to the fact that someone asks his brother "killed" translate 5000 Monte Carlo rubleyv. Telegrapher reported to the police, and she got in touch with French colleagues. In Paris photos Gilevich and accurate description had been sent. engineer was soon tracked down.

According to another version, the killer was caught because he tried to get 5000 francs, which once put in one of the Paris bank student killed his father. His father hoped that his son eventually arrive in Paris "for improvement in the sciences."

End Andrew Gilevich described in the memoirs of the former head of the Moscow police detective AF cat, sent to Paris to catch the killer of his agent M.N.K-a:

"... Fortunately, the money put in the name of Good Friday, no one has yet been taken. K. warned the cashier, asking him immediately to notify as soon as come for them. On the second day, the cashier gave him to know about the relevant requirements, and K . saw a stranger, not like the Gilevich. He gave him the money and arrested the stranger with the help of the French police as it exits from the bank. The prisoner was taken to the police station, where he proved to be artfully peregrimirovannym Gilewicz. When pasted beard were shot with him and a wig when makeup was washed from his face - there was no doubt who was arrested in person.

The murderer tried to convince the French police that the Russian authorities are pursuing it as a political criminal, but said it certainly did not attach any importance.

Seeing finally that the game is lost, Gilewicz confessed everything. From the bank, he was taken to the Commissariat with hand suitcase with which he came, obviously straight from the station. Now, bringing the service, he asked permission to once again carefully washed, owing to the recent grimirovki. He was allowed to, and he is accompanied by a police officer went to the lavatory, taking out of his suitcase a towel and soap. In the dressing room, he quietly slipped into his mouth, chipped piece of soap, and typing in the hands of the water quickly washed it down. I do not have time to draw back his police as Gilewicz has fallen dead.

It turned out that the soap he kept cyanide, which has swallowed at a critical moment, "add to the story that the brother of Andrew Gilevich Constantine, being arrested, hanged himself in prison, and another brother -. Basil was later convicted of involvement in extortion .