Andrey Ershov

Picture of Andrey Ershov

Date of Birth: 04/19/1931

Age: 57

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Ershov - one of the pioneers of Russian corpus linguistics; on his initiative, he started making a machine foundation of the Russian language at the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

He graduated from Moscow State University in 1954. Until the early 50-ies. there was no specialty "Programmer". Ershov was lucky: he was one of the first programmers had special education.

Shortly after graduating from MSU Ershov he becomes supervisor and author of one of the first programming software for home computer - BESM and "Strela". In 1958 he published the first monograph in world literature "for BESM Programming", which was immediately published abroad.

In 1960 he moved to Ershov Akademgorodok, which has been linked all scientific and pedagogical activity of Andrei Petrovich.

Under his leadership and with his participation were established programming languages, such as alpha, alpha-6 and translators with them. The world-famous system "Alpha" is the first optimizing programming system for complex languages.

In the 70`s Ershov developing a model common to many languages ??translation scheme suitable for the creation of fragments of optimized compilers. This scheme covered many programming automation tasks: analysis of properties of programs, program conversion systems, the development of input languages, development of optimizing compilers. To solve this problem required a special language that to him it was possible to describe all the problems. Such a universal programming processor and its internal description language has been created and was named "Beta".

In the mid-80s. Andrei Petrovich developed these ideas and proposed the creation of an open, that is developed by the language in which to describe the future program design, its image, and the problem domain objects. This language was named "Lexicon".

Andrei Petrovich was the organizer and participant of many international conferences, scholars groups, the editorial boards of major Soviet and inostrannyhnauchnyh magazines, an active figure in the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). Proceedings of the AP Ershov Informatics, including theoretical and system programming, have gained international recognition: he was a member of the American Association for Computing Machinery (1965), honorary member of the British Society for Computer Science (1974).

For significant contributions to the theory of mixed computation Ershov was awarded Academician AN Krylov Prize. Name AP Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems is, the premium for young scientists of the SB RAS, the audience and student scholarships at NSU, the institute kept its Memorial Library.