Andrey Burlakov

Picture of Andrey Burlakov

Date of Birth: 08/22/1963

Age: 48

Citizenship: Russia

The brutal killing of Andrei Burlakov

At the moment, it is difficult to say exactly what is was shot Andrey Burlakov and his common-law wife, Anna Atkin; Atkin`s lawyer, Michael Khalilulina, however, asserts that the cause of death was a businessman extended his earlier charges against the son of the former Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation (and, concurrently, a member of the Board of Directors` Gazprom`) Vitaly Yusufov.

Burlakov, accused in Yusufov raider seizure of German shipyards `Wadan Yards`.

With controversial Burlakov shipyards contacted even in 2008; namely in July 2008, Andrew - together with business partners - bought the shipyard in Warnemunde (Warnem & # 252; nde) and Wismar (Wismar). Unfortunately, the special benefits of buying Andrew failed to gain - stubbornly pursued the company financial difficulties, and especially profitable orders they were never charged.

Launched procedure of protection from creditors specifically changed nothing - August 1, 2009, by order of the Court of Schwerin (Schwerin) bankruptcy procedure has been launched.

In August, the game entered the Swiss company `Nordic Yards` - according to rumors, is only a tool in the hands of Vitaly Yusufov. `Nordic Yards` negotiated with creditors` Wadan Yards` and temporary state control, and bought the bankrupt shipyard for 40 million euros.

Some doubts had already caused a deal - so not everything was clear, where is Yussufov took those 40 million. Vitaly himself claimed that the money earned by them perfectly honest - a good investment in the shares of his father`s company.

Andrey Burlakov and Anne Atkin, however, about the incident was another theory - the couple claimed they were victims of banal raider attacks. Reasons to suspect that something was wrong with Anna and Andrew were already a month before the deal - it was then that, according to Atkin and Burlakov them began uniform surveillance. Suspicious cars and no less suspicious people pursuing business with an unpleasant persistence.

Shortly before the assassination Atkin contacted the relevant authorities and provide them with new interesting fact for reflection - in June, the Luxembourg company `FLC-West Holding` bought for 290 million euros more than 70% stake in the Norwegian company` Aker Yards`. It `Aker Yards` later were renamed` Wadan Yards Group`; in the company`s possession were two German and one Ukrainian shipyards. Called Andrew and Anna and those who - in their opinion - was behind the transaction; it was assumed that part of the funds provided have called `FLC`, and the second part has provided another company Yusufov,` Tamplestowe`.

In February of 2011, Vitaly Yusufov advantage of belonging to it shares `Nordic Yards` for the loan in the Bank of Moscow; shipyard companies were previously estimated at $ 950 million, and the loan was granted 1.1 billion. All otnosheniyahkrepkomu collateral threatened an unpleasant fact - Boatmen and Etkin still have left hopes to prove the fact of raider attacks and, as a consequence, to cancel the package.

Comments about the alleged seizure and Yusuf gave; among other things, he made it clear that to `Wadan Yards` has nothing to do. According Yusufov, a group `Nordic Yards` it was founded from scratch in June 2009; only on August 14th the company has acquired a property complex - bought on the open competition for the sale of property of bankrupt already `Wadan Yards`. Trades Vitali won absolutely honest; contract imposed a number of additional obligations - a businessman had to finish to the complex two ferries; however, and this Yussufov managed.

September 29, 2011, the Andrey Burlakov and Anna Atkin in the cafe `Hutorok` shot an unidentified man. Burlakov died on the same day; Etkin condition also leaves much to be desired.