Andrey Bubnov

Picture of Andrey Bubnov

Date of Birth: 03/22/1883

Age: 55

Citizenship: Russia


From a merchant family. Student of Moscow. agricultural Inst in 1903 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. The Roar-tion 1905-07 member of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Moscow committees, the Moscow Regional Bureau of the RSDLP; delegate to the 4 th (1906) and 5 th (1907) Congresses of the party. Are arrested, I was in exile. On the 6 th (Prague) All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP (1912) PhD in absentia scheduled. for co-optation to the Central Committee. In 1913 he was a member. Bolshevik edition. gas. "True".

At the end of 1916, he was arrested in February 1917 exiled to Siberia, but at the stage released the February Revolution. From 17 March led the revolutionary work in Samara, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Moscow. April 14 one before. desks. org-tion Conference Ivano-Voznesensk, Kineshma, Gus-Crystal, Shui and Vladimir; elected Affairs. 7 th (April) All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP (b). Affairs. 1st Mosk. region. desks. conference (19 April); Bubnov on the proposal in a resolution on "The Attitude to the Provisional. pr-woo" on demand control of the Soviets of the operation. Prospect Island and its local bodies: elected member. Mosk. region. RSDRGKb Bureau). From April. member of the executive committee of Moscow. Council RD. On the 7 th (April) desks. Conf. read the resolution proposed Mosk. region. desks. Conference: with the evaluation made by the date by offering "immediately raise the banner CET war to overthrow the Provisional pr-in, carry out our dictatorship.." [ "7th (April.) Conference of the RSDLP (b)," p. 96] Conducted part.-owls. org. and promoter. work in the north of Center. Ind. district (Kineshma, Ivano-Voznesensk, etc..). July 4, after receiving the news of the armament. demonstrations in Petrograd, at the meeting of MK RSDLP (b) with the district Party Joint. with Lomov (GI Oppokovym) and IN Stukov made a proposal on the need for immediate capture of mail, telegraph and other. Institutions in Moscow, to-Roe was rejected. Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (July 26 - August 3.); elected member. The Central Committee and the Central Committee of the narrow avg- in October. directed, edited gas. "Soldier" - The military. org-tion of the Central Committee of the party. From August. representative of the Central Committee in RSDLP (b). with September. member of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd. Council RDA. On the eve of performances gene. LG Kornilov Moscow Bolsheviks went on the block with the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries to "repel the counter-tion," without defining the terms of cooperation. RSDLP (b) 14 August. Bubnov sent to Moscow to investigate this fact. Bubnov convened a meeting of MK RSDLP (b), to-Roe condemned prisoners agreement. The report on the meeting RSDLP (b) 27 August. He highlighted the danger hanging over Petrograd in connection with the Kornilov revolt: on a proposal Bubnov all parties. org-tion were put on alert, began arming of the workers, the military units sent to the representatives of the Bolsheviks.

At the meeting RSDLP (b) Oct. 10. elected member. Political, Bureau of the Central Committee of 11-13 October. Affairs. North Congress of Soviets. region. October 15th. at a meeting RSDLP (b) outlining specific measures desks. org-tion on neposredstveno, preparation of the uprising. At a meeting of the Party Central Committee on October 16. elected member. Voen.-roar. Centre-woo hands uprising. He entered in Petrograd. WRC October 24. He led the capture of the railway stations and stations of Petrograd. railroad node. October 25th. on behalf of the Central Committee headed by general hands-on field headquarters of the Petrograd. RMC. Affairs. 2nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC, elected member. Central Executive Committee in the days of AF performance Kerensky - PN Krasnov as the Commissioner of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. railroad krasnogv node set. control of all stations, prevented the strike, plan Vikzhel. Nov 5. He appointed Commissioner of yellow. Of roads. Nov 16. Heading south Russia and Ukraine to assist in "the establishment of the Soviet. power. Nov 26-30. One of the leaders of the defense of Rostov-on-Don on the troops Ataman AM Kaledin. On December 10th. tsp. College of People`s Commissariat of ways and des Commissioner. roads in the Republic of South.

In the beginning. 1918 to the question of a peace treaty with Germany was part of a group of "Left Communists": signed "Statement of the Central Committee of its members and drug commissioners.", Submitted to the Party Central Committee February 22, in a rum-making peace proclaimed "capitulation best comfort Intern. . of the proletariat to the Intern. bourgeoisie "[" CC RSDLP (b), "p. 209] At the 7th (special) Congress of the RCP (b) (March) continued to oppose the Brest peace, defended the need to maintain a roar. war; I read the "Statement of the Central Committee", filed on 22 February.

In March - April. 1918 NAR. secretarial. (Commissar) households. Affairs of Ukraine, in July apr- tsp. Bureau-woo povstanch hands. fight behind enemy lines in June - September. prev. Vseukr. Centre. RMC. Affairs. 1st Congress of the KP (b) U (July), elected member. CC. From October. One of the party leaders. underground in Ukraine, then at the political work in Cr. Army.

From 1922 to the Party and state work. One of the first historians of the Bolshevik. Party. August 1, 1938 sentenced Military. Top board. Court of the USSR in the shooting. Rehabilitated in 1956.