Andrey Borisov

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Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility Sloboda-Ukrainian provinces. His father - a retired major of the Black Sea Fleet Ivan A. Borisov (in 1826 his 68 years), mother - Praskovya Emelyanovna Dmitriev, in November 1826 lived with her two daughters and son in the village Boromlya Akhtyrsky district Sloboda-Ukrainian provinces and were "in the very poor position". He was educated at home under the guidance of his father, mathematics and artillery trained with AK Decembrist Berstelya. The service came with his brother cadet in the 26th Artillery Brigade - 10.06.1816 (by renaming the Georgian Grenadier Artillery Brigade - 04.18.1819), promoted to ensign Exam - 6/18/1820, translated in 8 Artillery Brigade - 06.07.1820, dismissed from service for domestic reasons lieutenant - 24/12/1823.

Founder (with his brother Peter and JK Lublin) Society of United Slavs.

The order for the arrest - 09/02/1826, arrested with. Buymir Lebedinsky District (was originally arrested 01/14/1826, but after questioning and released days of arrest), delivered in Kursk, and then the private bailiff Dementiev in St. Petersburg on the main guardhouse - 10.4, entered the fortress in the 23 number Bastion Trubetskoy - 12/04/1826 .

Convicted on I category and confirmation 07/10/1826 sentenced to penal servitude forever. Together with his brother chained sent to Siberia - 23/07/1826 (signs: growth of 2 feet of a 6 1/4 inches, "his face was white, oblong, medium nose, eyes gray, vzlysovat, hair and beard temnorusye, shaves his beard, suhoschav") , the term reduced to 20 years - 08/22/1826, arrived vIrkutsk - 29.08.1826 and was soon sent to Alexander`s distillery, returned to Irkutsk - 6.10 shipped Blagodatsky mine - 8.10, arrived - 10.25.1826, sent to the Chita jail - 09/20/1827, arrived - 29.9, arrived at the Petrovsky factory in September 1830, the period is shortened to 15 years - 08.11.1832 and up to 13 years - 14/12/1835. At the end of the period by order of 10.07.1839 addressed to settle in with. Podlopatki Verkhneudinsky District of Irkutsk province, where by order of 03.21.1841 translated in the village. Small drawbridges. AI Borisov has a mental illness, he lived with his brother, graduated from suicide after his sudden death. He was buried in the village. B. bill of divorce, the tomb has not been preserved.


He lived with his brother Andrei Ivanovich, who developed a mental illness in exile, chto-to kind of melancholy; he shunned every stranger, immediately ran to the other room, if kto-nibud went into their hut, and Peter Ivanovich was the only living being who he admitted to himself and to which he could freely talk - and the mutual affection of brothers among themselves was the most touching.

Sometimes he brought (Peter Ivanovich. - Ed.) Us to his own tiny house, and then, as soon as we crossed the threshold of the room, his unfortunate brother, never disclaims robe and do not go on the air, abruptly jumped iz-za binding machine and ran into the next room, so we had never seen his face.