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In 1991, it was still a student, was elected chairman of the Youth Union of the DPR. Then he became a member of the "adult" political council of the party, and a year later became one of the secretaries of the party board.

In 1993, having barely finished Economic Academy named after Plekhanov, Bogdanov for the first time he took part in the parliamentary elections. The DPR list, it was the 28th, and although the party has overcome the entrance barrier, in the division of mandates of all before him had reached.

In the second half of the 90s in the DPR has been stagnant. Party faction in the Duma did not have. Successive leaders, but it did not bring radical changes. But Bogdanov continued rise in the party hierarchy: in 1996, he became deputy chairman of the DPR, in 1997 - the chairman of the Moscow regional branch of the party, in 1998 - deputy chairman of the National Committee of DPR.

At the same time Bogdanov engaged in party building and a commercial image-making. He went to work in the information-analytical center "Novocom" and in 1997 became its vice-president. He participated in the creation of a number of federal parties, from nichemne remembered for the party "Rus" to "United Russia". In his memoirs, the most expensive of the party he created was the Party of Sergei Mavrodi national capital. At the same time he constantly emphasizes that the Democratic Party is relatively cheap, because "was based on enthusiasm alone, many came at their own expense, to the pickets did not pay anything to anybody, all were on his heart."

In 2001, Bogdanov and his future deputy Vyacheslav Smirnov DPR imidzhmeykerskie provided services to some leaders of the Interregional Movement "Unity". Bogdanov one time was a member of the central political council of "Unity", and in 2002-2003 headed the department of public relations of the central executive committee of the "United Russia". As stated later in one of the booklets of the DWP, from the "United Russia" Bogdanov was expelled "for the organization of internal party discussions."

Shortly before the elections to the Duma in 2003, Bogdanov organized and headed the Russian committee of citizens "For Fair Elections". In the elections, he joined the list of the United Russia party "Rus", but the party won the vote and a half percent, so that Bogdanov again left without a mandate.

In 2005, the Democratic Party became interested in former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who planned on its basis to form an opposition coalition. Bogdanov first transfer of power in the RVP Kasyanov, but then changed his plans. Whether he realized that Kasyanov is going to completely remove him from the party leadership, whether the Kremlin made him an offer he could not refuse. The newspapers wrote that the party had been promised "quiet re", if it will not be given into the hands of Kasyanov. Anyway, in December 2005, Bogdanov has organized its own congress DPR, prevented the holding of the Congress "kasyanovtsev". The congress elected Bogdanov, leader of the party.

Soon Bogdanov received from associates nickname "Chairman Bo." His party leader`s image he was creating with the latest realities of the information society. In particular, he is an active blogger. With his LiveJournal example, he chose his own portrait to the party website: "Friend, what a picture is better? Until now 15 years he has exhibited many candidates for photo (Georgia, pouring, no ... l), but the very first time fotkat: ").

In July 2007 it was announced that, in accordance with the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Russia, customs and traditions of the Order of Freemasons solemnly elected, installed and wearing the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Russian Very Venerable Brother Andrei Bogdanov. Assistant Grand Master, Grand Officer of the Grand Lodge of Russia became the deputy Bogdanov on DPR Venerable Brother Vyacheslav Smirnov.

As head of the Lodge Bogdanov gave several interviews in which emphasized the brothers at their meetings do not discuss political issues. A disclose the content of their conversations prohibits charter.

Very Dostochtenny brother surnamed Bo Chairman headed the electoral list of the Democratic Party in the parliamentary elections. Besides him, the first three have entered the head of the party`s executive committee Vyacheslav Smirnov Venerable Brother, and deputy chairman Oleg Gimazov. But given that the chances of getting into the Duma from the DWP purely theoretical, they are likely to once again be left without seats.